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  1. Thanks.. looks like K1 is our best option
  2. K1 visa will be.. thanks
  3. But in different city..his sister lives in Addis (Capital), he lives with mother in another region in Ethiopia, it’s far to drive, but easier to fly, 30 min flight..
  4. At this time he lives with his mom, his sister and her family live in the capital city of Addis Abeba, he stays in north Ethiopia in the Tigray region with his mom, due to his sisters job and her kids schooling in Addis Abeba , he’s with his mom, if all goes well in the future after we apply for I129f, he will come to U.S. and we will marry, and his sister and her family will move to stay with their mom..
  5. Thanks for sharing this info..yes I realize with all that is happening now in the world with COVID 19, no ones going anywhere anytime soon, it’s just the reality at this time.. his sister lives in another city due to her job and kids, but my boyfriend lives with his mom, she depends on him for everything..he had to wit his job to care for her, if he’s able to come on a tourist visa, his sister would then fly to stay with her until he returns, I appreciate the information from all of you out there in this forum! Stay safe and stay home..
  6. Sorry guys, I should’ve been clear about my situation with my boyfriend, I haven’t filed the I129f application yet due to finances and the COVID 19 pandemic, plus I wanted to read up on both K1 visa, and B2 visa... I would love to have him come visit and meet my family before coming on a K1 visa in future, he definitely would return home to Ethiopia due to he and his sister caring for their mom who has some health issues, him and I understand the importance of being totally honest and up front about everything and anything regarding our relationship if we are able to do B2 visa.. we want to spend time together before he goes back home to Ethiopia..much needed vacation given all this COVID mess.. and him taking care of his mom with his sister, I work in healthcare the ER department to be exact.. and guys, I’ve seen and been through a lot with my fellow coworkers, I work in admissions in ER and it’s times like this that I truly miss my boyfriend and wish he could come visit me, spend quality time together and just enjoy each other’s company!
  7. I live in Washington state and my boyfriend is from Ethiopia, he wants to come for vacation and visit me, since I’ve traveled to visit him already a total of 3 times within the last 2years, is it hard to get a B2 visa for him to come from Ethiopia?
  8. On I-129f application is it ok to use P.O. Box for my mailing?
  9. So glad I asked! Yes, as you can see what I’ve been referencing online is outdated! Can you tell me where I can get a more up to date I129f checklist please
  10. Appreciate all the info..I can tell you are very knowledgeable on all this..while I got you here..is form G325a still needed for both of us? Thx
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