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  1. I hope you get it sooner, things might change !☺️ Thank you! My field office is in Boston, MA
  2. Hi! I finally submitted my N400 January 22, 2020. Case completion estimate: July 2020'. I can't find my field office - hopefully I'll know soon. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, hope we can all vote this year!
  3. Hi all! I'm done completing the questions online but still need to scan the documents. I have two questions. 1. I'm doing this based on 3 years of marriage. When they ask if I've been out of the USA within the 5 years should I include the 2 years I lived back home in Nicaragua? 2. what type of bank account information do you send? checkings or savings for the 3 years we've been married? What exactly are you guys sending? Appreciate your guidance Andrea
  4. Thank you Deagle I think i'll do it online, it looks like everyone is doing it that way and seems easier.
  5. Hii all, I'm starting to complete this form as I have been married with my husband for 3 years. This might seem an odd question. I was thinking in completing the form electronically but some parts of the form are locked and I cannot edit in adobe. For example, the A# on top of each page - I can't edit that online. Is it okay if I complete most of the form online and then print and complete the rest with a black pen? Thank you, Andrea
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