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  1. Thank you, Sandra, for your rapid response. Yes, I am agree with you. After what happened before with me, and all of us, we have to be very very careful choosing the partner. Still I cannot walk outside on my own, I am still suffering inside. It takes time to treat, unfortunately. And I have to live and I want kids and Family soooo much. But, first - to become independent, after marriage.
  2. I have a question about marriage. My VAWA was approved in 2016, and I got GC in 2017. Separated with my husband in 2015. Can i get married with a guy with no status in the USA? Or I have to wait until I get citizenship and after to do this? I have to wait 2 years more in this case. And does it effect my status or not?
  3. yes it does, because you live in the same house, you share everything, you have the same budget. Since you work 12 hours a day, and your husband uses your money, whenever he wants to, you have to be eligible to stay in the country, whatever the country is. I know, last year (correct me if I am wrong) came out the law, if your spouse has a work visa, you can still apply for VAWA. So what is the difference?
  4. thank your for answer. But it seems not fair, its still the same person though and They are still married.
  5. ok, they got married, he was in process getting a green card, he abused her while he was in process, and he got a green card just this month and filled for divorce. BUt they are still married. So its not important was he a permanent resident when they got married?
  6. Thank you for your fast answer. My friend went to attorney today, and he said that he(her husband) had to abuse her when has a green card, if he abused her being in the process - it doesnt count. It seems not fair.
  7. Hello everyone, I have a question, If a husband just a got a green card, but he abused his wife when he was in process, can she apply for VAWA? Or he had to be a green card holder before? I know, that law is changing every year. Now they are separated and applied for divorce.
  8. the body of this notice says nothing. I ve already got a green card months ago. Notice Type: Approval Notice Section: Husband or wife of U.S. Citizen 201(b) INA. What scares me a lot, that it was mailed for my ex husband. If my husband would find out that I fixed my problems, he would be very very angry. How they can send these things?
  9. Hello guys, today I have got I-797 "notice of action", I dont know what does it mean. It was in my ex husband's name. Case type -I 130 - PETITION FOR ALIEN RELATIVE. Does anybody have the same "notice of action"?
  10. Yes, Affidavit had a problem. I was very stressful, and could not do anything. To write everything in details what he did to me, it was hard. Its like refreshing everything again and again. It was terrible.
  11. Yes, it wasn't. They needed more details"how did it happen? when? ". I edited my affidavit, I think they need more details and dates in it. My husband was texting me all night and day, with very bad messages, such as "I will kill you, or rape you again, I will come with my friends and will rape you, you will go home soon ...etc...". I have about 100 such messages. And voice mails as well. A police officer called him and left a voice mail, and I think he got scared a bit. And of course, he got a restraining order. I was stupid, I didn't go to the police when he hurt me, and when I had bruises, I was scared a lot. And he made me cry in the middle of downtown, again was stupid do not call to police. So, I put everything together, edited my affidavit, and that's it. I was very very detailed, dates, actions.
  12. Thank you guys, I really appreciate that. So, when I applied I send: a lease on both names, bank statements on both names, bills on both names, photos together of course marriage certificate and etc screenshots of messages and voice mails from Husband, restraining order When USCIS requested additional evidence I sent: Primary care report, my psychologist report, social worker report report(letter) from the organization where I asked for help, they help for abused women. They helped me with restraining order(filling out and just emotional help, support) and letters from friends
  13. Hello, guys! I am happy to inform, that I have got a Green card. I cannot tell how I am happy now. I am holding on my hands, and still think that its not real. I am sharing my timeline: Applied for VAWA November 2015, January 2016 requested for additional evidence April 2016 requested again for additional evidence August 2016 VAWA approved January 2017 Interview April 2017 got my green card in the mail. It was the hardest time in my life. I didn't live- I existed. I didn't want to eat, work, go out... I cried every single day. I am super exhausted and willing to go somewhere where nobody knows me. I am going to move to different state. Just want to change everything. I am still having a therapy with my doctor. I have nightmares, and I have fear to go out from my apartment alone. I hope everyone who starts VAWA, will win this battle. Thank for everyone, who answered my questions here. I wish everyone here will find a real love and man, who ll love and never hurt. I still believe that I will be happy, no matter what. God bless you, guys.