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    I and my fiancee met in 2009 in high school. We met in the lunch room and instantly had a connection. Wasn't love yet but we knew there was something there. We lost contact in 2013 and reunited back on Facebook in 2019 because of mutual friends from high school. I kept my promise that I would marry her if I saw her again. Took a flight to propose to her and now waiting for the process so she can come to the states and marry me.

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  1. Good afternoon team, I'm back after four months because I have been approved (NAO2). From the experience of others, what comes next in the process? In the letter it says to wait at least 30 for the NVC to process and then wait until the consular has the paper work from my understanding. Will they send my fiancee a letter or more paper work to fill out? What are the next steps I have to take? Thanks in advance!
  2. Can you please link me to more cases of denials from Morocco? I have searched on here but found a few. Then again I am new here so I still need assistance. Yeah... if we decide to keep going and ended up at the interview there would be a lot of clarification from our part if the officer has doubts which by this forum is most likely to happen.
  3. I understand the benefits of the CR-1. Thank you so much for you input. I am still deciding what me and my fiance want to do. It's not easy.
  4. Thank you for the reassuring comment. I have read over several places on different forums that an engagement ceremony or party is normal there. But I understand the point of view of the officer if skeptical. On our photos we have placed on the comments as fiance and screenshots of whatsapp messages as fiance to each others profile name. It's a small detail but I hope every little helps. In the ceremony there was only women. During the ending we had photoshoots with the family and that's when only a few men showed up just for the pictures(husbands). Me and my fiance share the same agnostic belief but on her profile just out of respect for her family she has to be traditional. She is not a Muslim religiously but does follow some customs when around her family. Her parents are very liberal when it comes to Moroccan parents which I am grateful for. I have also read that many get asked if it was a wedding when providing proof of the ceremony. If there are no small red flags like husband or wife or wedding in comments or on social media approved then what I have read they were also approved sometimes after a few days when in processing. I understand every case is different too. It's a lot to go over in these comments. They all mean well and I will take them into consideration. Thank you again.
  5. For two reasons; we thought it would be shorter and I did not have enough vacation days to convert and do all the paperwork. Out of curiosity we researched and it seemed it would not have benefited us because of the timeframe. There wasn't enough time for me to complete the process or so I thought. I got the receipt of confirmation tonight. They took the money out of my account today also. To late?
  6. Yes, she wore different dresses. I understand, if denied I have no choice bur to go the spouse visa.
  7. We did write on the photos explaining the engagement ceremony. For each picture we explained.
  8. Yes, proof of yearbook pages, my highschool diploma, her letter from her host family, a teacher's recommendation signed and her visa that the US sponsored.
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