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  1. Morocco. Yeah I think I will give it a try, the least I can do.
  2. Yes all of that is good and in order. For proof of meeting within 2 years I sent in my itenirary and passport stamps. I just have read on VJ that it is best to have as much relationship evidence with the 1-29f as possible bc the COs at this embassy tends to make decisions before the interviews
  3. Hi, i did more research and learned the term front loading, I think I could have done a better job of this. I sent in 4 photos of my fiancé and I, but none of me with his father, mother siblings - which I have a lot of (face palm) Can i send in more relationship evidence even if I have not received an RFE?
  4. When you say hard embassy to get past…what do you mean? Also what was your personal experience?
  5. Yup I have tons of photos of me with his mom,dad,brother,sister. Recent and old! I get that you and Jeanne suggest CR1, that is not the route chosen, as I told Jeanne.
  6. Yes I understand the process of the k1. I know the Cr1 is recommended, esp since you get the green card right away upon entry. However, that is not the route chosen.
  7. We will have a big wedding in Morocco inchallah with all of our family there. We will just have the wedding, but get married in the US. Do you have any insight on the time we will wait? I know the steps but I’m worried Morocco will be so slow
  8. Hi, I just submitted by I-29f for my Moroccan fiance. I have two questions. 1. Realistically how long are we looking at waiting? 2. I am the woman and I am 6.5 years older than him. I’m 27 and he’s 21. I am half Moroccan and our families know each other really well. We grew up together when I spent summers in Morocco. I have known him my whole life. Will we have an issue getting the visa? Will they give us a hard time?
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