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  1. Hello. I will be going to kabul soon to meet someone I have been talking with for a while now...if everything turns out good I am willing to get engaged or even married depending on what you guys recommend is the fastest way to bring here to US. I am assuming to take the CR1 route due K1's not being processed due to back log and the pandemic. If anyone has went thru afghanistan kindly give me your opinion on this.. thank you
  2. my flight is this saturday going to morocco .they are requiring a 72 hour PCR test upon arrival..i have called around 40 places here and they all say the results will take 4-5 days..i dont know what to do...the only other place that is possible can give me a RAPID COVID POC test with results within 30 mins but i am not sure if its same as PCR that morocco requires... any input much appreciated
  3. Hi Guys, I hope someone can help me out..I know there are resources online and on here but I am unable to find and am getting very confused. I am a US citizen who will be going to Morocco in few weeks for marriage. I need to know what documents I should take from here with me to get married. After researching here is what I came up with. Kindly let me know if anything is missing. 1. Divorce decree - I got a certified decree few days ago from court. 2. Passport photos - I will get these in morocco 3. Criminal report - I am still hunting where to get this from assuming local police department? 4. 2019 Taxes as I am self employed. Will they check my taxes there? I am self employed graphic designer. 5. Birth Certificate 6. Do I need my son's birth certificate as well? someone told me I need to take it with me! 7. US Citizenship certificate Which documents do I need to translate to arabic? I am assuming divorce decree . birth certificate , passport bio page? Can I translate them here prior to going to morocco or I have to do it there? I hope i can do it here since I will save time and not have to wait weeks to get them translated in morocco. Please dont point me to the consulate page I have already went there many times and am getting confused...I hope someone who has been thru this can let me know if I am on the right track... Much thanks for everyone reading my post:)
  4. Salam. I am preparing documents to take to morocco for marriage but cant find my birth certificate as its been years since i left my country....I am a US citizen mentions on my passport my nationality...is there a way around this if u dont have birth certificate? getting a new one is a pain in the ### so that wont be possible for me. thanks
  5. Does anyone know if there is a service here in USA that i can use to translate my documents before I go to morocco? referring to (birth certificate, divorce decree )instead of me sending it to morocco for her to translate which takes too long...it might be best if there is a service online that i can send my documents and they can send it back to me while i am still here in US.. Thanks
  6. hello i will be visiting a girl very soon in morocco middle of October. I have been talking with her for a while almost 7 months everyday including her family on video...this will be my 1st time meeting her. if things are right with her and i dont see any red flags i am willing to do a marriage there legally and then come back here to file paperwork...many people say not to marry on first visit which i understand that there could be fraud involved but i dont think thats the case with this girl...but if i do see any red flags i will defintely rethink my plan. my question is what do you think if i visit her and do marriage then come back home start the paperwork..do u think consulate will question why i married on first visit?? in my opinion marriage should not be a red flag compared to a K1 which has a more higher chance of denial.. what documents do I need to take from here to marry there? i was divorced once so i am assuming my divorce decree, birth certificate I am not sure if I can find that, police clearance should be ok, for income i am self employed graphic designer so assuming my yearly tax papers? .does my income need to be a certain amount in order for my marriage to be approved in morocco? thanks very much.
  7. you are great...thanks for the input. if things are well can i at least propose to her with her meaning get engaged..then second trip i can do a legal marriage i guess... you can add me on whatsapp 8609216614 thnx
  8. hi there...i have to been to morocco 2 times but this 3rd time will be my first time meeting this girl in person...i have been chatting with her with video for a very long time now and have also met her family in video...i will be visiting her soon..once i am there i will be very cautious for any red flags but if everything is well is there anything wrong in doing a marriage in my first visit meeting her? my goal is meet her do a legal marriage and come back home to start the paperwork...i dont want to waste time going back and forth 10 times...please rest be assured i will only if no red flags...people say to be careful of morocco not all girls in morocco are scammers....hope to get your thoughts on this...
  9. I have been chatting with a girl for over 7 months and have known her pretty well, also talk with parents , brothers, sisters over video. I will be going to morocco in couple months to her and if I feel everything is right and my heart tells me to marry her then I would probably do it. I have heard lots of stories of people saying to be careful with moroccon women and I know what they mean and some of them are in it just for the visa but this girl is not the case...Like I said I will go meet and her family to see the vibes... If I do get married then I can come come back here file for spousal visa..I have heard from people that K1 is much faster than CR1 but there is also a higher chance of K1 getting rejected so I dont want to risk it plus I cant keep going back and forth wasting time just for visiting..I want to go once and if all is well then I will go ahead marry her... How long does CR1 take for a US citizen I have seen some cases in timelines completed in 7-8 months..How long does marriage take in morocco..what documents do I need to take with me from here...
  10. Hi all..I am a US citizen who will be going to morocco soon possibly get married...I just need to know what documents i need to take with me there so that I dont miss anytime and waste all my time..I met a girl who i have been speaking with online , religious, i have video /text with her and family...they seems legit and not looking for a way out of morocco..just in case when i go meet and i decide to marry i just need to know what documents i should have with me... About me: Divorced, US citizen.. someone also said i need my original birth certificate is that really needed??
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