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  1. Hi guys! I just got approved!!!!! Here is my timeline: TEXAS SERVICE CENTER (SRC) Sent package 2-20-2019 Received NOA 3-5-2019 Fingerprints 11-8-2019 New card is being produced 4-9-2020 No rfe no interview
  2. Hello Here is my timeline Roc sent on Feb 25 2019 Biometrics done Nov 2019 Waiting...
  3. Congrats!!! I'm SRC as well but my case wasn't transferred 😕 ..im still waiting
  4. Do it looks like they are sticking to 14 month processing time
  5. Hello, I filed jointly in Feb 2019. Now my marriage is having issues and we have filed for divorce so once the divorce is final I will amend my application from "jointly" to a waiver case. I have plenty of evidence that the marriage was bona fide and I'm in good terms with my husband so he will provide a notarized letter confirming that our marriage was real. Does anyone have had the same experience? This is my case timeline: Feb 25 2019- Applied March 2019- Noa received Nov 8 2019- biometrics Nov 13 2019- case was updated to show fingerprints were taken Waiting..
  6. I have seen many cases that get approved a month after evidence is requested. Looks like it means that an officer is looking at your case
  7. Any Texas filers? Got my 797 on Feb 27 2019 Biometrics on Nov 8 2019 Waiting .....
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