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  1. Springleaf

    I-751 Filers - SRC

    I got my receipt 8 days after second e-rquest was filed . Seems like they never sent NOA first time around.
  2. Finally received the "duplicate" NOA 9 days after second e-request. The date shows 4 days after second e-request, so they never mailed the NOA in first place.
  3. You can ask them whether your NOA has been mailed. If it has not been mailed yet, and your employment or travel depends on this , you can ask them for Infopass appointment to get I-551 stamp on your passport.
  4. It is already expired. I telecommute so i am not that affected but for sure it is a pain as i cannot renew my license.
  5. When i talked to USCIS 2 days back, they said they were shifting the workload. Mine also starts with SRC and i have not received my NOA yet and this was their response.
  6. The information i was given that Atlanta USCIS no longer schedule infopass for people who haven't received NOA-1 unless they have travel plans or their jobs are in jeopardy. I believe in your case, since you have a travel plan already, in worst case they will give you infopass appointment like Rick & Apple got.
  7. Even longer here. i thought of sending mail to congressman about it but decided against it because i am not sure if it as serious as other people's issue. Will file another e request in 2 days and if that doesn't get acted on will email congressman.
  8. If you signed the i 751form, that is sufficient . Nowhere do they mention cover letter to be signed. Good luck
  9. If your check has not been cashed, there are high chances that it will be returned If i were in your shoes, i would call USCIS and try to find out more. Did you perchance submit it outside of 90 day window? A few people have had there applications returned due to this. Good luck!
  10. i have read people doing both without any negative repercussions. just curious which service center has your file?
  11. I know a few people where one half of the couple likes their country better than USA, but for whatever reasons, the couple are staying here. Two couples are doing fine but third is on verge of separation. Location definitely makes a difference. I spent first 8 years in US in NY and CALI and didnt feel homesick at all . But now being in georgia is just disheartening . Since we have a limited stay here and then we plan to go back to california, so i am able to feel more positive. Communication goes a long way. If you are finding it difficult to communicate how you feel. You can look into couples counseling. It is not just for people at verge of divorce. It can enable you to be heard and validated. Are their any australian expat groups that you can join virtually or IRL ? That might help you feel a bit better perhaps. I am sorry that you are having a tough time. Being a parent in itself is hard and on top of that being an immigrant definitely is not easy. Keep on trying to be heard. Much love
  12. If you look around in other threads, people have added their spouses to their wills and retirement fund closer to the filing date and it has not been an issue. It shows financial comingling and that is what they are looking for. Write a cover letter explianing the reasons and it should be fine. Also, you can add other evidence as suggested by another person. Good luck.
  13. Springleaf

    I-751 Filers - SRC

    Please look at my signature I have submitted e-request and called USCIS,but as of 2 days back,they have not mailed my notice. I am also not able to get Infopass appointment. But the officer did say that in i can get one for emergency situation like if my employment is dependent on it or I need to travel. Since your wife's admission is dependent on this, i believe in worst case, she can get infopass appointment to get stamp.
  14. I had a friend wrongfully incarcerated last week by police for DUI. so, to say the least i dont have confidence in law enforcement in this city. May be i am more anxious due to that too. I just want to make sure to cover all my bases.
  15. Jan 11. It is my signature too. My center is SRC