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  1. I totally understand and would never complain to them. It's just... frustrating.
  2. Still no response. I'm sure we've all had these thoughts before but... as an American citizen, it sure is frustrating knowing your government doesn't answer your (succinct!) e-mail.
  3. Good to know! Does anyone know what to do when you cannot get in touch with the consulate at all?
  4. Hi all. I am wondering if anyone has any familiarity with DCF for exceptional circumstances (job offer) in Italy? I e-mailed on August 6th and have not even received acknowledgement of my e-mail. Can anyone help give me some clarity on what I might expect? Also: I spend 6 months every year in the US and have US income above the means test for sponsorship of a foreign spouse. Does this mean I still have to show $65,000 in assets and my spouse $110,000 in assets?
  5. Hi everyone! I wanted to know if anyone has experience specifically with DCF for exceptional circumstances (job offer) in Italy. I e-mailed the embassy on August 6th and it's been radio silence. They are incredibly difficult to get a hold of and I am losing hope.
  6. This is interesting. Can you speak some more about this? Literally every single source I read says the opposite (that K-1 is quicker if you want to get to the US right away).
  7. I feel like an annoying gnat always buzzing around asking questions here, lol. Thank you all for your patience! This forum is awesome and filled with so many nice people. Recap: fiance (Dutch) and I (American with Italian dual citizenship) live in Italy. We've been together since 2014 and live in Italy together since 2018. We've done a bit of considerable back and forth on the matter and both agree that the k-1 visa is appropriate for our situation because it would allow us to move to the US quicker which is important for us. That said, my question is: can he and I continue to live together in Italy while waiting for the k-1 visa? Or do I have to go to the US first and precede him? Thanks, all!
  8. There was no option to go into the existing booking and re-book. The only way to re-book was to go to the actual calendar page and go through the entire process from the start. It's been incredibly frustrating.
  9. He's Dutch, I'm American/Italian and we would file out of Italy. I'm not sure what you mean by it not being a binding document. Can you please explain? Thank you!
  10. Just wanted to update you guys. We have a visa appointment for January that so far has not been cancelled! However, I am still annoyed. I've paid for three prior appointments now and was told via e-mail that due to cancellations I could just use the money paid for one appointment to book another one. There was no option to do so on the website and the consular workers did not respond to my repeated e-mails about this. So I've ended up paying for four appointments now... what do I do?
  11. Hi everyone! For the past two years prior to the tail end of 2020 and all of 2021 I was living off of savings as I was starting a new business venture. I am currently self-employed and make well over the income guidelines to sponsor my fiancé. I am worried that I will need to provide the past three years of income tax returns. They may be too low (effectively I had a net income of around $10,000 or less as my business was getting off the ground) and I may be denied, despite making more than enough now. Will this be a problem? I do not intend to apply for a K-1 or spousal visa until 2022 so I will have 2021 with sufficient income. Many thanks!
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