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  1. My husband's GC came today. Good luck everyone with their process!!
  2. We had our interview Thursday, case approved yesterday. Good luck to everyone with this process!
  3. March 9 our status changed to "Interview Scheduled." We are still waiting for the appointment letter to arrive in the mail.
  4. Hello there, This is the first year my Husband (non-citizen with pending AOS) and I are filing our taxes together. He is not employed and has no wordwide income, so we have decided to file jointly and send the attachment required to treat him as a U.S. citizen for tax purposes. I have gone through a few tax programs, each of them ask we received a third stimulus check and for how much. I did receive this, my husband was my fiance at the time and living in another country so of course he didn't qualify. When I enter the amount I received $1,400, I am directed to another screen that is adding the same amount for my husband as a credit on my return. Has anyone experienced this? I know it's early to file I was just getting a head start. Thanks!
  5. The one used at the time of your marriage is a marriage license which allows you to legally marry. You need to send in the certified certificate (this might look like your license with a seal so it can be confusing). If the county clerk is open, you should be able to request copies there or you can wait until you receive it in the mail. Do not send the original copies, you will want to send an exact photocopy of the certified marriage certificate. Only send in originals if requested by USCIS. We did also send photos of our wedding ceremony, we printed them on normal paper to add to our AOS package. Congrats on your marriage and good luck.
  6. We sent out AOS on 10.15 - it was delivered on 10.19. Still no word yet fingers crossed we'll hear something soon, ours was mailed to the Phoenix AZ lockbox.
  7. My husband experienced this in Mexico, denied under Section 214(b). Just be honest, it never caused any issues with him getting the K1 visa.
  8. Sorry for not being clear about that, I meant a process as in it takes a few weeks to receive new SS card, and then later update through the DMV and elsewhere. I appreciate your response!! Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am the petitioner and will marry with my foreign fiance in a few days. I plan to take his last name but I know that it's a process to do so. My question is, we are going to send our Adjustment of status paperwork shortly after we marry and are already preparing the forms. I'm not sure if I should use my new last name, or if there will be any issues with that? The main form I can see this could impact is the I 864 Affidavit of Support, all of my supporting documents will be in my maiden name and again I know the name change is a process that takes time. Thanks!
  10. There could be several motivators for why your wife's family wants to move to the U.S., and maybe the biggest being that their daughter/sister is no longer with them and they feel they're missing a piece of their family. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, trust me I completely understand where you're coming from as I myself like my privacy but family is a big part of my life so I can also understand the other side. In the end, I think that the immigration process is in your favor because it can be a very long and difficult process to get immediate relatives over here.
  11. You should try to reach out to the embassy ASAP. I am in a group on facebook and this happened to a few others, some were scheduled interviews and did not know it - others reached out and were scheduled an interview after contacting the embassy. From what I see, they've scheduled appointments for those with NOA2s all the way to December 2020 who have been "ready" since end of June. Here's contact information below: From Mexico: 5541638422 From USA: 011525541638422 Option 2 Spanish Option 3 Immigrant Visa Option 6 Visa k Option 1 Operator
  12. Hello, I will try to answer these the best I can. You really don't need the invoice for K1, just the case number that should now start with MEX. Sometimes there's site issues with logging in CEAC that resolve in a few days. That could also mean they're updating your case. If this doesn't resolve call NVC. You will likely not receive a welcome letter until your case is 'In Transit' to the embassy. The letter you do receive be sure to print (K1-FTP). You can complete the DS 160 really at any time, but if you make changes like move you will need to start a new one. Print the confirmation. You will be able to 'link' your completed DS 160 to your profile created to register and pay for your interview at a later time. Once your case moves from 'In Transit' to 'Ready' you should be on the lookout for mail/email/call for the scheduled appointment notice. This typically goes to the petitioners email but it can go to either. Print this email as well. You cannot make a payment for the CAS until you've been scheduled an interview. They give you links to create a profile to schedule the biometrics, make a payment, and link your DS 160. If you're still At NVC I highly recommend that you start working on all of your documents needed for the interview. This can take time and changes with CDMX embassy can happen suddenly. Make sure the beneficiary has a valid passport that does not expire within 6 months.
  13. Thank you! I receive a normal W2 and will use the address listed there. Would it be necessary to specify in the additional comments that I am remote, or leave as is? I appreciate your reply.
  14. Hello, I'm the petitioner/sponsor and I have a question on the I-134 Affidavit of Support. On question # 2 it asks for my Current Employer Address. I am employed, however I work remotely and do not report to any office. The company I work for has 3 physical offices in a different state. Is it best to select on of the physical locations and add a note at the end of the form that I work from home? Thank you!
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