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  1. The joint sponsor will fill out the I-134 and submit the supporting documents.
  2. At the end of the DS-160, it should ask you to upload the passport photo digitally. Sometimes there's an error with the upload and it tells you to bring a hard, printed copy to the interview in lieu of the online submission. I assume it's the same case for you. You should bring a printed passport photo to the interview.
  3. Unfortunately, it's anyone's guess. You will simply have to wait and see to hear back. Occasionally, you can email the consulate for an update maybe biweekly just to find out if things are stirring. Other than that, hang tight. I'm assuming since you got called for a second interview, things may move faster now.
  4. If your last years' tax returns don't show the full amount of the salary because your partner started working partway through the year, you will have to find alternative methods to demonstrate that you two meet the 125% limits. As per FAM rules, you can show employment verification letters, pay stubs, etc. to show that you're actively employed and earning xx salary.
  5. They'll ask you to submit the passport. Then they'll take a couple of days to rerun the visa. Then they'll send it back to you. A week? maybe two? normally not more than that.
  6. This question doesn't really apply to fiance visa applications. It's for other visa types where someone needs to be sponsored and have their boarding/sustenance paid for. For K visas however, this question should be left blank. Or, you can simply select "intend" and leave it without an explanation. Most likely, the consulate will ignore this question because you're a K visa applicant.
  7. Contact / email the consulate immediately. Let them know that they've made a mistake. Unfortunately, this is a common error. You'll have to return the passport and get a revised version of the visa. Hopefully you didn't book a ticket yet.
  8. Sure, you're welcome to include additional information on your ex being a cr1/ir1 recipient. However, I don't think that will matter to anyone at this point. But it will not hurt to disclose that. I guess their main concern is to make sure you're free to marry and legally divorced at this point. You should be able to prove that despite the location your ex originated from.
  9. Her valid US passport probably counts as proof of domicile. There's a bunch of other documents and proof she can use. For one, she can say she's in PK temporarily because her family is all in the US. Write statements to say she's in the US temporarily and intends to move back to the US shortly. Does she have a temporary visa? that can also be used as proof of her intent to stay temporarily...
  10. No, the I-130 is not part of the multiple filer concept for the I-129F. The only time you'll have to disclose that you sponsored your ex will be in the I-134 Affidavit of Support where it asks about "previous petitions" or "previous sponsorship". For now, you won't have to list your ex as sponsorship. You will list your ex on the "previous marriage" section.
  11. Question 26 asks if you ever petitioned anyone in the past. "Petitioning" is different than "sponsoring". Petitioning = sending paperwork for someone's immigration benefit. (question 26) Sponsoring = submitting an affidavit of support for someone's visa. (question 22) It's not necessary for you to petition and sponsor the same person (e.g. if you withdraw your petition and it never gets to the AOS part).
  12. The same happened to my grandparents. They received a letter from the health department a few months after their entry to do another sputum test for free.
  13. I've never experienced the USCIS asking for more than just the letter of intent to marry. My gut feeling is they misplaced the original letter. Perhaps you could rewrite the same letter, add more details like how you plan to get married once your fiance arrives in the US, etc. etc. and sign/date.
  14. a lot of times the US Embassy posts very generic requirements on their website about what to bring. Other times they merge the spousal visa and K-1 visa instructions together to save themselves the trouble. But it gets confusing sometimes. The birth certificate for the petitioner isn't required for the K visa interview.
  15. I believe the head must be situated in the center of the photo. I suppose if hair gets cropped, it's acceptable as long as you fit within the required parameters. The US Dept of State travel page has the right dimensions you need. Compare your photo with their. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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