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  1. Thanks for the point in the right direction there!! I figured it out and I am not subject to the 2 year!! 🥳🥳🥳 Just incase people are in the same position of me it will state it on your DS-2019 and apparently on some visas issued it will say it on you actual printed visa too, but this was not the case for me.
  2. Thanks My ds-2019 box is checked that it does not apply for me but there is no sort of sign of it in my visa. nothing of the sort.
  3. Hi, I am currently in the process of applying for a K-1 visa. I have my case number and my petition is currently at the NVC awaiting to be sent to London Embassy. I have been looking at the DS-160 questions and the question 'are you a formed exchange visitor (J) who has not yet fulfilled the two year foreign residence requirement?' I was on a J1 visa for 2.5 months from June 18-August 31 in 2018. I coached for a company in NJ for the summer and then sent the 30 days at the end of the visa travelling, I have since also had a H2B visa for 6 months From April-September2019. I have only just been made apparent of this, and I think this could possibly cause a problem considering I spent 6 months in NJ on a H2B visa. Can anyone clarify if the 2 year rule applies to my experience on the J1? I'm sorry, I'm just kinda worried now and need some help!
  4. @Greenbaum bit of research on my end is seeing a question os DS-160... 'Are you a former exchange visitor (J) who has not yet fulfilled the two-year foreign residence requirement?' I had a J1 visa for a summer job June 18th 2018- August 31st 2018 as a sports coach then stayed till end of September travelling the USA. Does this apply to me?! Im worrying now! Since this I have had a H2B visa, and that was fine, but I'm confused now!
  5. I’m definitley going to hold off until i know more about when the embassies open, the very LOOSE plan is middle of september if all goes well for the move, if not a little later. Things are looking good and i saw in the UK forum people are managing to get interviews end of june, start of July currently but i guess the demand for interviews will go up soon! i shall wait until the embassy have my petition and then start doing stuff thanks!
  6. I see! So, if the medical exam was today, I would have until November 6th to travel on K1. Good to know! Thank you for this!
  7. @Greenbaum this is great thank you so much!! just to clarify, the medical exam is only valid for 6 months or is it valid as long as the K1 is valid (6 months after being issued) sorry that’s the only thing i really misunderstood there
  8. Hey! thank you. So i am the beneficiary from the UK I’m morgan and Stacey is the USC from Puerto rico the petitioner.
  9. @Greenbaum Hey! Thanks for all your help up to now! I have a question about a few things regarding the case number. I do have Aspergers so sometimes just asking direct is my best way to figure out information so sorry in advance! I have my case number, and I believe it was maybe issued 24th April using your PDF. I have tried to do the DS-160 although the problem I have is it says 'Address Where You Will Stay in the U.S.' Now, my fiancée is planning on moving back to Puerto Rico in mid June so I was wondering what I should put here. Her current address which I know I will not be at? or an address in PR which would be her father address where we will also not 100% be staying at? (We will be getting an apt together which she will move into before I move. My second question is I have already got my birth certificate ready, but I need to get a ACPO Police certificate. Should I get this now and get the ball rolling? I believe it needs to be within the past 6 months (maybe I am wrong?) but I should hopefully have an appointment before NOVEMBER! Lastly, when is it we can book medicals? I understand its when you have a case number but I believe they have to be within a certain time frame to when the interview is and given the current circumstances we are unsure when interviews will be although I saw someone got one in London in July! I appreciate the help in advance!!
  10. NOA 1 is ‘Notice of action 1’ when your i129f has been received by USCIS. NOA 2 is ‘notice of action 2’ when USCIS have approved your i129f and are sending it to NVC ‘National Visa Center’
  11. @Greenbaum if we don’t call will we receive the case number in the mail?
  12. Hey! thanks! mine was April 1st but i can’t call here from the UK, and my fiancée hates calling places so i guess i’ll just have to wait.
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