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  1. @Greenbaumis there a link on steps to apply for tourist/ visiting visa because I am thinking of applying to go visit my fiancé when boarders are open and international flights begin here in Nigeria. Because right now I don’t really know how long our K1 application is going to take before I get an interview with everything going on right now with the immigration process.
  2. https://ph.usembassy.gov/visa-update-immigrant-visa-operations/ some embassies have confirmed that K1 visa are not affected by the ban although priorities are given to Spouse visa.
  3. Hi everyone, We filed our form I-129F in April, 2020, although we have our NOA1. We are waiting patiently for NOA2. I am currently based in Lagos Nigeria and my fiancé is a US citizen. It’s good to be in a platform like this with people from the same country sharing same goals and helping each other. I look forward to learning from everyone who have successful gone through this process and for those who are still in the process, I wish you all Goodluck.
  4. I haven’t heard any update yet about my case still waiting for NOA2. My fiancée called the California center on Monday to enquire. And the representative said they are currently working on Dec, 2019 cases. Whereas we are seeing on here that even those that filed in Jan & Feb 2020 are being approved. I’m kinda confused.
  5. @Lapis LazuliYou should reach out to the US embassy to know when next an evacuation flight is coming. My fiancée was stucked here too when he came to visit me but he was able to get a flight
  6. The WhatsApp link isn’t working. How can I join?
  7. @Greenbaumis it the petitioner or the beneficiary that signs up for email from NVC?
  8. So sorry @Greenbaum I am yet to understand this site. Please bear with me. Thanks for the help
  9. Do I attach only the pages of I-129f we made a mistake or submit the entire form again?
  10. Please I need your help, I noticed my fiancé made a mistake on the Form no 16 a& b. On his employment history he filled his current job as employer 1 instead of filling the year he started working there till date he filled the year of his previous job. So currently the form is showing that he stopped working at his current job but instead he is working at his previous job. How do we correct this mistake?
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