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  1. Yes, he is unable to travel due to his health issues.
  2. I will consider the CR1 route. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Ok, I will just stick with the K1 but still do the traditional just for the sake of my dad witnessing the marriage. We will get married here and proceed with the next steps. Thanks again 😊!
  4. Sorry I didn’t clarify, but I am the US citizen. My dad and fiancé both resides in Sierra Leone.
  5. Thank you for your response. Does that mean that I cannot file K1 visa sooner with plans of getting married all the way in December? I just don’t want to spend all this time waiting to get married in December, file CR-1 and wait for another two years for him to come to the US.
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to get advice on what path I should take. I was planning to visit my boyfriend in my country this month (I was actually leaving today 😩) if it wasn’t for COVID-19. Anyways my boyfriend’s cousin told me recently that my boyfriend was planning to propose to me had I visited this month. I asked my boyfriend and he confirmed it saying that he bought the ring already to propose to me. He went ahead and proposed to me on video call after getting my father’s blessings to do so. He is going to send my engagement ring as soon as this COVID-19 ends. We have two or three pictures during my last visit in 2019, and we have been talking consistently through WhatsApp and regular calling since I returned to the US. I was thinking about filing K1 visa for him right away. I trip is now postponed to December. We talked about getting married both in court and traditionally during my visit in December due to my father’s deteriorating health and me wanting him to witness me getting married. I assumed that I will get a response regarding the K1 filing before visiting my fiancé in December. The question now is how would I proceed with his documents (AOS) as we would already be married in my country before his arrival to the US? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Thanks, I read it, but I was still unclear about it because I also saw others asking similar questions about the multiple filer and they are told that they need to file a multiple filer waiver.
  8. Hello everyone, I will most likely be filing for the fiancé visa for my fiancé in May, but I have been married before and recently divorced my ex husband in September 2019. I did not file a fiancé visa for my ex husband because we met here, but I did file the AOS for him after we got married since he was on a student visa. According to him he has an upcoming interview for his citizenship in July 2020. I am clearly not going to be part of it because we divorced. now. My question is will I need a multiple filer waiver even though our case was different? I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I want to get all the information to ensure that we get approved the first time I apply with no RFEs. Thanks in advance!
  9. Dear you are thinking too much about this form. I asked my cousin who is lawyer about whether I should include details of my past marriage and she said that it is not necessary to answer what not asked. She said just answer what is asked and leave the rest to them, either way they will look through the form and find your information and you won’t be penalize for information that they didn’t asked.
  10. I don’t think it will be looked at as you misrepresenting any information if you mention that you had been married and submit your divorce decree as well as list your previous spouses name, because it didn’t ask whether you had filed a spousal visa in the past, it specifically says I-129F.
  11. Great, thanks a lot. I wish you the best since you will be submitting yours first. Mine will be submitted sometime in May😊. I hope to hear how things go for you since we have similar situations.
  12. Hello beautiful! I have a similar situation as the previous poster. I was just going to put my ex husband’s name where it asked about previous spouses and omit the section that it asked about previous petition because I only filed a AOS and not a visa. Would I be wrong for doing that? Thanks!
  13. No worries I got what you were trying to say 😁. Have a lovely day!
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