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  1. As someone who had recently gotten an expedite request approved I would say it worth trying. Just make sure to include valid evidence. The good thing about expedite requests is that whether or not it get approved it will not affect further processing of your case. Good luck !
  2. I answered yes, estimated date and year and didn’t explain anything else. They have your information already and they just want you to answer to the question asked.
  3. It doesn’t matter they will still only email you one so nothing to worry about.
  4. This would be a yes. You filed a petition regardless of not fully going through with the process. You can estimate the month and year that you submitted the petition. At least that’s what I did in my case being previously married and filed a petition for my ex-husband. USCIS approved my current husband’s case and we are almost at the end of our case.
  5. Hello, You can try the expedited route just as long as you can provide strong evidence with supporting documents. My husband and I cr1 case recently got approved for expedited processing in the NVC stage because our daughter is having surgery in October. I provided photo evidence of her condition as well as progress notes from our doctors visit with the recommendation for surgery and her surgery date. Our request got approved within a week, and our case was forwarded to the US embassy in my husband’s and I country, my husband is scheduled for interview September 1st. Again provide as much evidence as you can. Good luck 👍🏽
  6. Hello everyone, My husband’s case is currently at NVC; however, our four month old baby has been diagnosed with droopy eyelids and needs surgery to lift his eyelids to prevent further vision issues. Will I be able to request for my husband’s case to be expedited so that he can be present for our baby’s surgery? Thanks for your assistance! 🙏🏽
  7. If I may ask what is preventing you from filing your 2021 taxes now? I’m going through the same process and I have filed 2021taxes already and my lawyer is in the process of submitting all the documents to NVC. If you can file now to save unnecessary waste of time with NVC.
  8. Thanks for your response and recommendations. Yes, I am the petitioner/US citizen.
  9. Hello guys, my husband’s I-130 got approved recently on 02/26 and we received the case creation letter from NVC today 03/01. I am currently pregnant and will be having our baby next month and for that reason I have plans of paying the fees and submitting all required documents to NVC. The only issue is the DS-260 form has a question about whether my husband has a child which would be yes if we submit the documents after our child is born in April, but I will be submitting no later than March ending, so it will be a no. Would we be able to update this information after our child is born? Thanks!
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