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  1. I wrote down my wife's U.S. mailing address instead of my Mexican mailing address in Mexico. Is it a mistake?
  2. Can beneficiary write down petitioner's U.S. mailing address in DS-260 application for correspondence with NVC?
  3. If my In-Home Supportive Services, income is excludable from taxes.Does this mean I can't sponsor my husband for immigration to U.S. I get every year my W-2 Form from I.H.S.S. Can I sponsor my husband on excludable income ?
  4. Hello Friends, Please guide me. My wife is a Family Caregiver, provide services to her mother. According to IRS website: Special rules apply to workers who perform in-home services for elderly or disabled individuals (caregivers). My wife works for company In-Home Supportive Services - San Diego. She get W-2 Form from this company. My question is: According to IRS Notice 2014-7, My wife care payments excludable from gross income under § 131 of the Internal Revenue Code. My wife's income mentioned on W-2 Form from company but when my wife submit her Taxes, On Form 1040 total income is not mentioned. On Schedule 1, Notice 2014-7 mentioned that my wife don't need to pay tax on that income. Can my wife Sponsor her husband on her excludable income from IRS tax ???
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