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  1. Emailed the Embassy this morning to inquire about where exactly our case was since there have been conflicting answers and received this response: Thank you for your email. If you are applying for an immigrant visa as the spouse or child of a U.S. citizen (IR-1, CR-1, IR-2 or CR-2) or for an E-3 visa, or writing on behalf of someone applying for such a visa, please answer the following questions: What is the full name of the visa applicant(s)? Please provide the name(s) in the format SURNAME(S), Given Name(s)? What is the full name of the petitioner? Please provide the name in the format SURNAME(S), Given Name(s)? If you are not the visa applicant or petitioner, please confirm your relationship to the applicant and confirm if Form G-28 has been filed. What is the immigrant visa case number, if known? (typically LND followed by ten digits) Was the petition filed with the USCIS Field Office in London or with USCIS in the United States? What date was the petition approval notice received? Is the case currently with the National Visa Center (NVC)? If you have been notified that the file has been forwarded to the Embassy in London, on which date was it send? Has the visa applicant electronically submitted the application Form DS-260? Has the visa applicant gathered all the applicable supporting documents? See https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/family-immigration/required-documents/ Has each visa applicant undergone a medical with the Embassy's panel physician in London? If so, on which date did the examination take place? Has an interview appointment been booked for you by NVC or through the Visa Appointment Service? Please briefly give details of any booked or cancelled appointment dates. Does the visa applicant have urgent need of travel to the United States? Please give brief details. We will begin reviewing your request as soon as we receive this information.  While we appreciate the urgent nature of your request, we cannot give a timeframe for the review nor offer status updates while the review is in process. We process cases as expeditiously as possible.  Rest assured that we will inform you of the outcome by email as soon as we can.  Responded to their email and within seconds received a generic response back... so, not really sure if they’ve received it or it’s fallen by the wayside. I am happy that they responded however.
  2. It’s a difficult situation for everyone, so in my opinion it’s best to show compassion. Obviously we come to this group for support and reassurance, not to be swatted down in the same manner as the embassy. Sure, honesty is great, but so is kindness. As for your wait, I get it. It sucks. The one person in the world that you want to be with is miles away, add in the pandemic, and it makes it 10x’s worse. But you’re right. You don’t know me. You may see what’s on my timeline, but you know nothing of the extent of any of it. And the same goes for me. But spouting off that you’ve been waiting as long as I’ve been married isn’t helpful for anyone.
  3. Bit insensitive there... We, among others here, have been DQ’d and obviously cannot control that the NVC is not forwarding our cases to be scheduled for an interview. It’s not unreasonable to ask for transparency.
  4. The generic answers given by the embassy are almost like a slap in the face. I would just like to know if CR1 interviews are even being scheduled, to give some sort of hope. Right now it seems that nothing is happening and we are all stuck until God knows when...
  5. DQ’d CR1 on june 2nd. today marks 5 weeks - still no word.
  6. while our situations may not be the same, i do understand your frustration. i visited my wife at the end of february, not knowing it would be the last time. i had planned to travel back over next month but now that won’t be happening. unfortunately with the way my job schedules leave, i’m unable to take vacation again until october. we’ve never gone more than 4 months without seeing one another despite the distance. i know i am lucky for this but it’s all relative, isn’t it? i think one of the hardest things is feeling like no one really understands. friends and family say, “oh, i can’t imagine how hard it must be for you” but then that’s the end of the conversation. i know they mean well but still... i wish you luck going forward. i hope all of this craziness subsides soon, for the world and for us. we will get there soon enough. oh, and congrats on the baby! 👶
  7. sept 11 for us. it’s really disheartening. trying to stay positive but it’s honestly so hard at times. all this mess going on in the world and you just want to be with your spouse and can’t be... it’s a bit unfair, ya know?
  8. Our PD is also September 11th. We had a date change on March 17th but only because I had contacted USCIS about whether or not our case has been moved. It had... Texas to Potomac. Projections say May 15th but anything earlier would definitely be the emotional boost you are talking about! Good luck
  9. hey everyone, thanks to another thread i discovered that our case had been transferred to potomac via texas. i contacted uscis through chat, as well as email, and it was confirmed both places. additionally they told us our case could follow the timeline of either texas or potomac? who knows! i find it odd, however, that we weren’t notified of this, but thankful we know now! our acceptance date is september 11th (oof), so following the trend here i realize we still have quite some time to wait. vj updated for us this morning (yesterday it said there wasn’t enough data) to say the projected range of approval is march 12th through april 6th. it would be amazing if we heard within this time but we shall see! hope everyone has a great hump day 🐪🙂
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