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  1. In as much as i wish that were the case, I am doubtful they will be processing visa request as from the wording, it is quite specific as to what they will be doing. But that is a big sign that soon we should be looking forward to things moving along!!
  2. Approved Today - Hope they keep rolling the approvals for all of us!
  3. I was going to wait till i heard something and did not want to be a bother but this has really made my day. Because you responded to someone else's post i didnt think this would have information concerning me and was surprised the information was directed at me. Thank you! This will give me something to pass the time with. And without a doubt, will give back as much information as i can when the time comes
  4. You Friend are so very patient. I do not have any idea how you deal with it but I hope you hear something back soon.
  5. No matter how small it is, good news is always welcome. A lot of us could us some of it. So share the news with your loved one and enjoy that relief. And also because of what is going on, an even bigger reason to enjoy your approval. Congratulations!!
  6. Like @Marieke H said, there is nothing to file in terms of withdrawal and hence cancel the money order. Someone correct me if I am wrong but withdrawal petitions are done when USCIS acknowledges receipt of your application and there is a case number associated with it. Which isnt the case here. Just think of this as starting afresh. Gather ALL the documentations that are needed and submit.
  7. Like many others have stated, a lot of stuff doesn't add up here and a Fiance who is SERIOUS about the K-1 Would know sending just the I-129F and a payment won't cut it. Most if not everyone reading this is getting a feeling of you being left in the dark about the truth. Get your Fiance to join, read this thread and respond so others can get you the answers you both need. But to be honest, Refiling CORRECTLY is the only way forward.
  8. I Like to see as an informal NOA1. They are letting you know that your case has been assigned number and which service center has it (california) and also that it passed the initial review; Correct form submitted, signed and correct fee issued. So relax and let time do the rest
  9. You do not have to delete her name just to show her number. I believe the individual reviewing it or CO will trust the chats included in the petition are between the you two. Just make sure its not saved as "wifey" or "hubby" either side. You can take the backup just from your perspective and send. But don't over think the process. Remember this is all just secondary evidence and slight proof of an ongoing relationship
  10. But you just said he cant find it... I am a little confused. If his parents were US citizens at the time of birth then I dont see why it will not apply. ( I believe some conditions may apply). But he can always just apply for a passport
  11. What proof of citizenship does he have?
  12. Hello! For the question "Where is your beneficiary going to stay in the US" , I believe they want a permanent address back home that he is linked to. When he is back in the US, where does he live? Does he have a home of his own, live with family? I am not in the military but I believe that can work. Maybe someone with more experience can give you a definitive answer and as for proof of citizenship, his passport will do
  13. My pleasure. As a former Cameroonian it’s the least I can do. I know how that wait just seems to never end but worry not it will!
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