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  1. Hello everyone, has anyone heard of interviews letters in October or November, it seems like a very quiet month? I have been checking and the DOS does not seem to be consistent in updating its website. please share if any of you guys have any information. thank you very much
  2. waw, i am so happy for you guys. i hope the rest of the process goes well for you guys. was your husband IR1 OR IR2?
  3. congrats, do you have any idea when in August your daughter was DQ?
  4. congratulations, hopefully we are next. pray for us.
  5. you know what i really don't understand, is that the monthly visa issuance says that they are issuing hundreds of tourist and students visas and only 58 ir1, or not even 10 of the k1. this is soo confusing. someone say something please !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. so sorry man, this truly sucks. i am not sure what we can do to be heard?
  7. oh congratulations, i am so happy for you and wish you the best. byt, were you part of the law suit filed earlier this year?
  8. have any of you guys heard from the NVC OR THE EMBASSY? Just making sure i have not missed any updates.
  9. Hey guys, i hear that people getting emails from NVC reminding them that they are DQ, I have not gotten any. Have any of you got Emails from the NVC since you got DQ?
  10. I really hope you are right, that seems promising
  11. has any of you guys heard from the embassy or the nvc?
  12. hundreds of non immigrants visa , this does sounds like they do not follow the dos guidelines
  13. just look at this APRIL 2021 - NIV Issuances by Post and Visa Class.xlsx (state.gov)
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