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  1. Please just to be sure i understand you and the option 1. I hold Nigerian Passport but I have lived many of my years in UAE and my fiance has filed our K1 before the Ban, meanwhile interview location we mentioned in our K1 is also Dubai - Is that what you mean by the option? if so, which stage can we ask for waiver and how. I will definitely appreciate your feedback.
  2. Thank you very much, we are in process to file for K1 soon.
  3. Thank you very much, I appreciate your advise. based on the advise from all you wonderful people we might consider Spouse Visa, getting marry in Dubai is very complicate in process, we will plan to do our wedding in Nigeria and go for Spouse Visa. Once again, I appreciate your comments.
  4. Thank you for your advise. I do not have Visitor Visa, neither me or my fiance is aware that getting marry with visitor visa is illegal and that's why I'm here for enlightenment. I appreciate everyone advise as the option of Visit to get marry is now out of our list. someone has advise us on I-130 and then K3 to speed the process.
  5. Thank you for your advise. Yes I applied for B-2 before I meet my finace but was denied on the ground that I do not have a strong tie from UAE to US. My last B-2 refusal was on invitation from my fiance but was denied because I could establish that we have meet in person. The refusal is what inspired her and her mom plus my family to arrange our engagement in Dubai a month ago.
  6. Thank you for your advise - Its good to know that its illegal to conduct wedding while on a visit visa. I think we will prefer to do our wedding in Nigeria and then file Cr-1, maybe the processing time might be little faster than K-1.
  7. Hello, I thank you for your comment and advise. meanwhile you have been patient to wait for my reply before commenting this again. Yesterday I have reached the threshold of comments and messages allowed that's why I could not reply to anyone, not only you (sir/ma), but at the same time to show appreciation and acknowledgment/valued to your comments I click ''Like/Thank you''
  8. My Fiance live in Seattle, an America citizen 37 years old, I'm from Nigeria, 35 years old but I live and work in Dubai. we just got engaged a month ago, with some family/friends in attendance after almost 1 year of our relationship. I was married in Nigeria before and had 3 years old daughter, marriage was dissolved exactly 1 year before I knew my America fiance, to own the custody of my daughter the case is still pending. Now we were both confused on which best and fast possible way to be together as it was very tough on us to live separately since her last departure. Fist option we came up with is for my Finace to travel down to Nigeria in order to get married, and at the same time I will apply to visit and travel with her back to the state for honeymoon, but what we have to do after the visit to legalized my stay, we don't no. Second option we finally agreed on is for us to book our wedding in United State so I will apply for Visit visa to attend the weeding alongside my family from Nigeria, what we need to do after this visit we dont know best option. Please kindly review our current option and the process to legalized my stay after the marriage visit. I have a reliable business in Nigeria and also a Sole consultancy work in Dubai, my fiance also work as Assistant Nurse in United State. Please advice us on the best thing to do and kindly considered we don't want to wait too far that's why we did not go for K1. Appreciate your feedback and sorry for the lengthen words. Ola
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