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  1. Yes she is from USA and we are stuck from more than one year.
  2. Brother I am in same situation, me and my fiance wants to get married in 2020 but unable to due to covid ban. Now we want to marry this year. Please explain me the procedure of emergency visa brother.
  3. Then do not worry. He will going to apply K1 soon and you will going to join him in this year.🙂
  4. Same here bro. I think we Indian who are in same situation need to get together and think over it to get rid of the situation.
  5. Hi Guys, I am from India. Me and my fiancee want to marry each other, but got stuck from more than one year because of this covid travel ban in India. Anyone in a same situation?
  6. I am also in a same situation waiting to get married to my fiance in India. Waiting from more than one year since Dec 2019. When your fiance will return to USA ?
  7. Hi Guys, I am from India and due to travel ban I am not able to marry my fiancee in India. We are planning to get married in Nepal, please advise the procedure of marriage in Nepal for Indian people.
  8. You guys will be together and 221g is a quite normal. Do not worry.
  9. The only thing you could do is wait and check your status on CEAC. AP is fine, it get approved most of the time for spouse Visa. Check your status on CEAC after 2 pm in the afternoon because most of the time they change status in India after that, as there is no point to look CEAC all the time and get sleepless. 👍
  10. I understand that you are tensed and its obvious because of your situation. I understand Zoom marriage but people who could not meet each other they do it, but in your case you guys will meet each other however you mentioned Ukraine rules of marriage is tough. I have question for you, why you guys are not going for K1 because after spending two months time together, chances are good to get approved. On the other hand some counties have better approval rate in CR1 than K1 like India, Pakistan and mid east countries etc. Also explain me the procedure of Zoom marriage because me and my fiancee in a same situation, we met once in person and now we want to get married but unable to due to covid travel restrictions. I am from India.
  11. Yes Nandv this covid made things really complicated for all of us.
  12. Make sense. So Amrit Gurbir, few questions for you. Please advise. Where you guys got married? Did you guys got married under special marriage Act or Hindu marriage Act? Did you guys had big ceremony? How many times you guys met so far? Do you guys have any red flag like age difference?
  13. So Nandv, do you guys have any red flags like age gap and do you guys met in person? We have a red flag of age gap and met once in person due to travel restrictions.
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