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  1. My documents only 4 files uploaded too. I read from many people above I think it the same problem but I think it should be fine. I just got biometrics appointment on 14 Aug. Hopefully you will get one soon
  2. Hi… I requested a new online access code yesterday and today they email me back with in 24 hours with the access code online. Now I can be able to track my case. Very quick! and easy!
  3. Same.. I got noa1 since 7th July and still no access code until now. Thinking about to enquire a new one
  4. Hi.. did you get an access code yet? I didn’t get it either for a month already..
  5. Hi, Did you also get the receipt number start with IOE or MSC?
  6. Hi everyone, I have a question. All my AOS 3 receipt number start with IOE. When I tried to put the case number in the USCIS account site to check it said that I need the access code number.. and there is no any access code number in the receipt as well. How to keep track the status then? Anyone has a same problem?
  7. Hi, when you get the receipt i797 in mail? I heard you also got IOE right? Is there any service center provide on the paper?
  8. Hi, I send my AOS package on 2nd July and arrive 7th July. I got the text messages for 3 case number (i485, i131, i765) on 9th July with IOE. Is anybody who got the case number get the paper of notice receipt yet(i797)? How long does it take for the mail?
  9. Hi, Did anybody file AOS (I485, I765, I131) from K1 lately and the NOA1 case start with IOE? I saw mostly people get MSC or something else.. just curious. what I understand is case start with IOE mean you file online? So I don’t know how it work. Do I have to worry?
  10. I sent my packet on 17th June. And it was arrived on 18th June. Still waiting for NOA1
  11. I had the same situation now. I had interviewed on 1st March and status change to Application Received in the afternoon. Also on 2nd March status update but nothing change still AR. Until now there is no update at all but other people who has interview the same day or later date after me already got issued. So frustrated and upset.
  12. My case has been stuck at “Application Receive” over a week and nothing update. After I finish my interview, consulate officer no need additional documents, no G , it has been approved. But until now other people got their passport back already but mine not yet. Im so worried everyday and very frustrated. Anybody has experience same like me? What can I do? How long can I expect to get issued?
  13. Hi, I had interview on 1st March and they don’t need any additional document and said my visa was approved and wait passport back in 10 days. At the same day in afternoon status change to ‘Application Receive’. On 2 March it show last update and still AR. Until now it has been for 4 days status still keep AR and last update is still on 2 March. I don’t know what to do and feel so worried. Others people who got the same date interview already got their passport back. I am so confused now. Anybody has the same experience pls help.
  14. Markth

    Need Advice

    I’m also applicant from Thai. Our case transfer to Embassy like you. Now the only thing you have to do is filled ds-160, make an travel docs account and paid the fees. After you paid the fees you will get the email notice about you can make appointment with the link on it but that one actually is for a tourist not for K don’t book it. So you have to wait the Embassy send you an email that you can make appoint which they will leave the link for appoint schedule at the email when they contact you. Some of people get it today. Most of people still wait. ps. Many people who dont know paid the fees and booked the appointment themselves got cancel because that one is for b1/b2
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