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  1. Thanks. That's the concern now for everyone. AP would be horrible... no timeframe, nothing you can do but wait. This is going to be yet another delay after ONE YEAR waiting at NVC for an interview to be scheduled. My wife had Dr. Roa today for her medical exam and he said the only info they have from the Embassy is "do not send people to the lab". It's ridiculous that virtually nothing is being disclosed about something so important. We are going to email ivbogota@state.gov if it doesn't open in CEAC by tomorrow (my wife's interview is next Thursday, 1 week out)
  2. Does anyone here have any info about the medical lab issue now occurring for applicants?
  3. Let's hope that's accurate! I know they also advised that if any information has changed, you must update it (regardless of time). My wife moved during the pandemic and required an update on the form anyway considering she has a different address. Have you heard the latest mess about the lab in Bogota that the Embassy uses? My wife is having her medical exam right this very moment... the word is that the lab contract was canceled, so now they're trying to find a new lab for all applicants 😕 Many people on Facebook and Whatsapp are saying they are now stuck in administrative processing because of this!
  4. The DS-260 has an expiration date. Ours shows 04/30/2022 in CEAC, but I think this may be the expiration of the form between revisions and not about what was submitted. We are planning to email ivbogota@state.gov if the form does not automatically "re-open" by Thursday (one week before my wife's interview). She is taking the confirmation page of her DS-260 completed last year to her medical exam this week. The guidelines for Bogota from May 2021 do not explicitly say you have to update the DS-260, but many who have had appointments in the last few weeks say it is required. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/BGT-Bogota-06MAY2021.pdf
  5. My wife is scheduled for her interview on July 1. We have heard that the DS-260 will be re-opened a few days before the interview, but if it isn't, that we can email or call. You may want to consider updating everything in CEAC if it has been some time since you first provided those documents. I uploaded an updated I-864, W-2 from last year, tax transcript, and recent paystub (and my wife will also provide these at the interview, if needed). Someone who went thru IV in Bogota just last week mentioned their interview was less than 5 minutes because they updated everything in CEAC. Others who did not spent hours sorting paperwork.
  6. We got our interview scheduled for July 1! DQ: July 8, 2020 Facebook and Whatsapp groups have updates today for people with DQ even into September. Good luck everyone!
  7. Those 1,600 B1/B2s likely include visa renewals, many of which do not require interviews due to waivers right now.
  8. Congrats! We are about a month behind you (July 8, 2020) so hoping we are next. Good news to see some CR-1 activity, it seemed like only IR-1 for a while.
  9. There are lots of updates in the Whatsapp group today about appointments being scheduled. Did anyone here get an update? It looks like mostly IR-1 and IR-2 but with DQ dates of June, July, Sept 2020. At least one CR-1 DQ from August 2020.
  10. Just to clarify, I suggested that you send a complete copy of the joint return with all documentation, W-7, etc. instead of waiting for a tax transcript / receipt (that part will take months). The part that will take you time right now is gathering the documentation required to apply for the ITIN, if you choose to do this with the tax return. You don't just file form W-7, you also submit documentation with the W-7. See page 3: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw7.pdf In our case, my wife had to take her passport to the US embassy in Colombia to get a certified copy of it. This took time to reserve an appointment (during Covid lockdown) but it was a simple process. She then FedEx'd it to me and I included the certification from the embassy with my return. It was all accepted. Your spouse may be able to apply for an ITIN in the UK by going directly to an acceptance agent (I provided a link to this previously), but I do not know about that process. Either way, applying for an ITIN will take some time. Be sure that you read the instructions on form W-7.
  11. I would focus on the joint tax return and any financial or insurance policy documentation that shows your spouse listed as a beneficiary. We did this with my IRA, 401k, life insurance policy, and even my homeowners insurance policy (none of it required an SSN). This is solid documentation. Keep in mind that to file MFJ and apply for an ITIN with the tax return, it will require additional documentation from the foreign spouse. This takes time to acquire, but IMHO it's still worth doing now even if you're understandably anxious to respond to the RFE. This is excellent evidence for your case not just at USCIS, but also when you get to NVC and your eventual interview. Joint financial anything is good. Regarding affidavits, I think they appear relatively weak in comparison to documentation showing "co-mingling" of finances. Affidavits can be faked, forged, etc. Third party affidavits also have their own requirements, one glaring point being:
  12. I don't think MFJ or MFS really proves anything one way or another, but MFS just means you are married and filing separately. It's not a joint return. I would consider exactly what the RFE mentioned:
  13. It has to be paper filed if you do it with a tax return, unfortunately, which means it won't be processed for a while... nor will you receive any potential refund until it is done. There is also some work required on the foreign spouse's part to get their passport or other documentation certified at the embassy. That part is simple, but may add a week or more before you can respond to the RFE. However, considering it is one of the exact pieces of evidence they reference in the RFE, it's spot on. You can also apply for the ITIN in-person, but I know nothing about that: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/how-do-i-apply-for-an-itin https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/acceptance-agents-united-kingdom As noted before, depending on your finances, the US citizen may see a big difference in their tax bracket / liability when going MFJ vs MFS. I ran the numbers for my spouse and I, and had I filed MFS my refund would have been about $2000. MFJ it was about $8000 (I make about $130k and my wife's income is minimal abroad). I'd discuss with a CPA and/or an acceptance agent listed in the enclosed link - doing this was well worth the effort for us.
  14. Include a full copy of the return with said W-7 and all paperwork. It's not as simple as a tax transcript which would show the return has been received and processed, but it shows that you filed MFJ and are waiting for the ITIN.
  15. If the US citizen spouse hasn't already filed their tax return, I'd say apply to get an ITIN - it's done at the same time when filing the tax return. Depending on your financial situation, MFJ can potentially benefit the US citizen's tax liability and any potential refund. When I did this last year, it required us to paper file (rather than electronic) which took MONTHS to process... but you could do this now and include a full copy of the MFJ return showing that you filed W-7 for the ITIN. By the time you get to NVC or the interview, the IRS may have already processed the return and the tax transcript will be additional help for you.
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