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  1. IR-1 here, spouse is from Colombia POE: 10/10/21 (Atlanta) where we were told her SSN would arrive within 2 weeks and the Green Card within 90 days. No SSN after 2 weeks, so we went to the Social Security office (they advised they had zero info about my wife's case). Thankfully, they were able to get that sorted and we received her SSN about 2 weeks after that. Green Card was paid for on 08/30/21 (before POE). Today we received notification that the Green Card is finally being produced (01/06/22, day 85 of 90)
  2. I’m sure you’ll get the good news soon! Cheers,
  3. Hello! We went from refused to administrative processing on Monday morning, then to issued on Tuesday afternoon. It may have had “ready” in between there but we didn’t see it (we have been checking CEAC twice a day since it never notifies us of any status change). We got the email to schedule passport pickup this morning (Thursday) and the next available appointments are next week at ASC. I noticed others using DHL got theirs faster (in different cities) but my wife lives in Bogota.
  4. Visa finally issued today! After 6 weeks in AP and constant delays, almost 2 years from start to finish. Good luck everyone!
  5. This is excellent advice for anyone who has not yet had their medical exam. Definitely choose the other doctor if you can. My wife's case is among many stuck in AP due to the issue with the lab from Dr. Roa. We have received ZERO information from them. The office assistants are VERY rude and unhelpful both on the phone and in person. Beware.
  6. My wife had her interview yesterday. I did not attend, but we were told I could have had I been there. The young woman who interviewed my wife was very kind and only asked her a few questions about how we met, how long we have been married, if either of us have been married before, and if we have kids together or from a past relationship. She looked at my birth certificate, my divorce certificate, our marriage certificate, my tax transcripts, W-2, paystub, her medical exam papers and not much else (we had a big folder of newer documents and photos to add to our existing file considering the petition was initially filed almost 2 years ago... a lot has happened since then, but none of it was looked at). She then said that because the lab work is stopped right now she could not approve the visa, but everything looks good. They kept her passport. The whole process lasted about 2 hours.
  7. Absolutely nowhere did I say you cannot go to a scheduled interview without lab work. In fact, I said very clearly (since clarity matters here, right?) that my wife's interview is confirmed in 2 days with only the medical exam - no lab work.
  8. I shared this info about the lab because it might be relevant to others wanting to know what happened. My comment was addressing the immediate previous posts that had been discussing the lab problem. You jumped in and focused on my comment that "all" applicants are on hold, and while I did NOT say that, the point stands to reason if the process is stopped or slowed at the end of the line, it may be felt by everyone. I'm not "taking away hope" from anyone. I have required plenty of it being in this process just like everyone else. Our case sat for 8 months at USCIS, then 1 year at NVC, and now our interview date is here and one week before it we are advised it will take more time ON HOLD due to an extremely uncommon lab problem related to fraudulent testing. If visas are not being approved because of the lab problem, the process is NOT working. Yes, people are still "accomplishing" things like processing at USCIS or NVC... but the medical exam, lab work, and interview are at the end of a LINEAR process. If the end of the line is stopped or slowed, you can logically reason that it will be felt in other parts of the process... including waiting for an interview to be scheduled. That's EXACTLY what happened to all of us when they stopped scheduling appointments in the first place.
  9. There's no point in arguing this with you. Good luck.
  10. You can take what I stated however you want. The process is NOT in motion if visas are NOT being approved without lab work. If you are not scheduled for an interview, this does not directly affect you right now... but basic logic would tell most people that it may indirectly affect you if they stop scheduling appointments while the backlog of lab work is resolved. This entire process is linear. You can expect that if the end of the line is stopped or slowed, those at the beginning or in the middle will feel it one way or another.
  11. On hold = more waiting. That's as clear as it gets with this process. Interviews have not been canceled. My wife's interview was scheduled weeks ago and it is still confirmed for this Thursday. Yes, people are going to interviews without lab work completed, but those cases are going into "refused" status / administrative processing (AP) until the lab issue is resolved. There is no time estimate.
  12. For those who have not seen the latest update... someone provided a very insightful email from the embassy advising them that the lab was falsifying tuberculosis test results. Because of this, the doctors canceled their contracts with the lab. This was not the fault of the embassy or the doctors, but regardless of fault, we are all on hold again 😞
  13. Agreed 😔 Her interview is on Thursday morning. Medical exam was completed, but no lab work. We are preparing for the unknown of AP.
  14. Did they keep your husband's passport or return it to him? It seems like most people are reporting they are not holding on to passports while this mess gets sorted out. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.
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