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  1. My visa was issued today and passport will be ready for collection in the next few days 🥳🥳🥳
  2. Yes I sent it by post to the immigrant visa unit, I will keep you updated here
  3. Hi, nope but I sent them my passport anyway and my status and case last updated on Ceac changed from refused to administrative processing, hopefully it means they are working on it
  4. I called Mater private twice and they said if there would be anything wrong with my results the hospital would have contacted me, and results were sumbited to the embassy on 11th of December, we are going to email the embassy
  5. Congratulations on you visa:) do you mind if I ask you a question? My interview was also on 2nd of December, did you get your medical done before or after the interview? I did my medical after and waiting since then 😔
  6. Hello, I called Mater private to make appointment and they asked invitation letter when I attended it, officer could not keep my passport because of medical and gave me white 221g on pending medical results and silence since then
  7. Congratulations and thank you for the update:) no updates for me yet
  8. Impossible to reach them this way, we are going to send them an email
  9. Of course here is my timeline: I got DQ in mid of October and NVC letter to schedule the interview etc on 10.11.2021, my interview was on 2nd of December and medical was on 9th of December, I contacted hospital they said my results were sumbited to the embassy on 11th of December. Still no word from the embassy and yes it is still refused because of that, I gues they are really busy and hopefully they will request my passport soon as they didn't keep it because I needed it for my medical, I will keep you updated here
  10. Hi, nope not yet still silence 😔
  11. Hello, anyone else had their medical done after the interview and still waiting for embassy to contact them? If yes please share your timeline 🙂
  12. Doctor can take a blood test to check antibodies that's what I did. Some vaccines will require boosters done for example polio etc
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