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  1. Hello, Fiancé had interview November 15 and was issued 221g for joint sponsor and W2. Have had updates every week and today I checked and the case creation date and last update date were updated to today’s date. Still in administrative processing. What’s your experience with this? Going in the right direction?
  2. Yes! It was a super long interview and it was all positive. She went through his phone and checked our messages as far back as a year! Plus the keeping the passport I’m taking as a win. But this in between process of not knowing is terrible. Hopefully we’ll have some answers this week.
  3. Hello all 👋🏽 My fiancé just underwent the interview in Bogota, Colombia on Friday. He said the interview was great. The CO was laughing and smiling at all the stories he would tell about us. He said she was giggling like a school girl. The interview lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. He for sure thought we were approved, yet she came back with a 221g white slip stating we needed to submit an I-864 and a W2 for my mom since she’s the co-sponsor. The CO told him it’s just for extra verification. They kept his passport and all documents and told him to send the info directly to the embassy email. I sent the proper documents within an hour of him leaving the interview. We are currently in the dreaded administrative processing. I fell like it’s a good sign they kept his passport seeing as I’ve read online for hours that if Colombia keeps the passport, it’ll be issued soon after. But as with every step in this process, I don’t want to get my hopes up. What do you guys think? Anyone else been through this or something similar? Any info will help. TIA ☺️
  4. Hello, We got our notification on 10-15-19 that the NVC sent our application to the embassy in Colombia. Today it allowed us to make an interview appointment for the first week of November. Do we need to have that letter at all or will the k1 interview conformation page be enough? Or does medical need it? Because a lot of posts say you don't need or that many never got them. Thanks in advanced.
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