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  1. Hi! I recently got my IR1 visa issued at the US embassy. I’m traveling soon to the US to be back with my husband. I overstayed my F1 visa previously by less than 180 days and I was wondering if that would impact my reentry into the US? (At customs/border patrol)
  2. They wanted the IRS tax transcript. We submitted it in October of 2021 too.
  3. Hi! I had my interview in October 2021. I was given a 221g and my status was “Refused” for a few months. Today, it changed to “Administrative Processing”. What does this mean? Is it a negative or positive thing?
  4. That’s great! Could you tell me about your case status date updates and the change in status?
  5. Good luck to you, hope it all works out asap! Has your case date updated after the submission of documents?
  6. Thank you for the reply! Is it a good sign that they kept my passport? The CO also gave me a Immigrant Domestic Violence voucher at the interview.
  7. Hello! I had my CR1 visa interview on the 25th of October and it went well however I received a 221G slip with missing Tax Transcript/W2. My passport was kept by the CO. My husband submitted it the same day right after the interview to the CEAC portal. My case date has updated on the 28th of October and the 1st of November. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How long does this usually take to process? Thank you!
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