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  1. Did this issue get resolved @DanayVic? This almost exact thing happened to me in Peru.
  2. My fiance is from Peru and doesn't have any vaccine records that he could bring to the medical. We live 14 hours from the capital (Lima) and are wondering if he should get some vaccines where we live before the medical to save some money. The problem is I don't know if these vaccines are going to be validated by the doctor at the medical or if he's going to have to get them all over again regardless. It also seems dangerous to administer 5+ vaccines in one day. Is there an official record he could get here or should we just wait until we are in Lima? I would love to know anyone's experience as it seems the doctor decides which ones you need anyway. I don't know which ones to get and I don't know if you can be vaccinated at a place other than one in Lima.
  3. I will try but I haven't been able to find a way to apply without a Rut (national identity number). The page you linked says you can apply with an application and your passport but this application doesn't seem to exist.
  4. My fiance lived in Chile for two years without a visa and was never able to take out residency there. For the interview you need a police certificate for any country you have lived in for more than 6 months. It is not possible to take out his police records without a national identity card. My question is, do his records even exist for these two years? He was never arrested or had any problems. Has someone else been in this situation? What should I do?
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