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  1. Hello everyone. I received my SSN after 2 weeks in USA. Entered May 1st, SSN arrived May 15. I heard about all the latest craziness with provincial borders. Good luck to all who still waiting. See you soon on the other side! ❤️
  2. Hello. I would wait until previous batch of IL released and you know you will be scheduled in a month or two, then get new PC. You don't have to upload new one to NVC. Just bring it with you to the embassy. Good luck!
  3. Visa in hand! Courier was delayed by one day, visa was issued April 15th. They also returned original police clearance from my birth country, but not Canadian one. I do have a copy of it, but I was under impression that I should be getting original back. I hope it will not be an issue at the POE, which is planned for May 1st
  4. Thank you! I am Canadian citizen. Initially with I-130, I did submitted my citizenship certificate and card, but was never asked for it at the interview. Well, my passport is Canadian. I think this was enough for the interviewer.
  5. Hello everyone. I am back home now and finally have some time to write my interview's review: My experience was pretty much as everyone else's, but my batch of applicants were let in couple minutes early before our 8:30am schedule (it was three of us entering at the same time). I submit my passport first, then was called again to submit all of my documents (photos, birth certificates, mine and my grown children, marriage certificate, legal name change certificate, divorce certificates, mine and my husbands, police certificates, Canadian and from my birth country). At the actual interview was asked many more questions than majority of applicants (this is based on previous reviews, where I saw people were asked 5 to 10 questions in total): Address of my husband, and if we are planning to live there, His phone number, His place of employment and occupation, What do I do for a living How long ago I immigrated to Canada, How my husband and I meet, Where did we get married and when, Who was attending our wedding, How often we visit each other since we applied, Where have I traveled in the last 5 years, What was the longest time I visited USA and when, Have I ever overstayed my visa, Have I ever been denied entry to USA, Asked about my grown children (names and dates of birth) and if they are planning to come to live with us at the later time, If we have more children between us (yes). Asked how old is my husbands daughter, Next question was what her date of birth And what is their custody arrangements and clarified that she will be basically living with us. What am I planning to do when I move with my husband Asked if I am currently employed and where. There was a slight snag when they found a "discrepancy" in information on my birth certificate. More than once I was asked what is my mother's maiden name. I have provided that, but in my birth certificate my mother listed under her married name (this is normal procedure in country of my birth). They asked me to wait until they check something and after a little while they said that everything checks out. I think this is it... Maybe I missed something, but basically this was the whole interview. I think officer was more curious about my life story, when what how... He said he is approving my application and gave me the paper "Welcome to United States of America". That was it and I was free to go. The whole interview was about 1.5 hours in total.
  6. IR1 approved! I will write my review when I have some time. I want to thank everyone for all the support and information you provided me while waiting for this day
  7. I went to see Dr. Zatzman yesterday. His office takes your pictures, so there is no need to bring any with you. Passport, IL and record of vaccinations were required. Everything went fairly fast and smooth. I didn't have to wait too long in lines to get my X-Ray. Lab waiting time was about 50 minutes, but it worked perfectly for me as I stepped outside to have some fresh air after challenging morning drive from Windsor to Toronto. Dr. Zatzman charged $260 for initial appointment with him, X-Ray was $70 and labs $30 with change. The only issue I had is with my new updated information. I updated my passport to married name after DQ. Back in August last year I uploaded it to CEAC and notified NVC. They updated my information, IL arrived in my married name. However, medical paperwork at Dr. Zatzman was in my former name (passport number surprisingly is correct new updated one!) So, now I have initial appointment in my former name, but X-Ray and Labs are in my married name! I was warned to contact NVC and embassy right away in attempt to correct the issue. Medical office told me that I possibly will have a confusion at the border and will have troubles proving that I am the same person. They also told me that I may have to return once again to do my medical. Currently awaiting for replies from NVC and/or embassy to see what can be done to resolve the issue painlessly. Will update everyone once I hear back.
  8. Hello everyone. I changed my passport to reflect my married name after DQ. I uploaded it to NVC and they updated it on CEAC. IL letter is received under my married name. I am trying to register for the interview and wondering which name I should put it under, married or previous? Also passport number - old or new? They have both. TIA
  9. Hi fellow VJ friends. I was discussing things with my husband and we came up with few questions that I haven’t seen being answered in our thread because they are related to immigrating during the pandemic and crossing the border. 1. Is a COVID test required for those who cross to the USA by land with IR1 visa? 2. I am deemed an essential worker in Canada (I am an IT infrastructure specialist) and I am considering the possibility to continue working for my current employer in Canada after I move in with my husband in Michigan at least until I find something more suitable in the USA. I wonder if someone has a similar experience with crossing the border daily or weekly. Will CBP accept a letter from my employer stating that I am essential or do they have their own definition of essential workers?
  10. You've made me cry. Huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife!! All the best!
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