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  1. We got approved! PD: Sept 26, 2019 RFE: June 5, 2020 RFE response: June 22, 2020 NAO2: July 31, 2020
  2. Anyone get an RFE and then approval? If so how long did it take to process the RFE?
  3. Hey so I live in Lebanon and similarly we do not have a lot of things in our names, especially like the USA. There is no mobile family plan or car insurance. So my husband and I made sure to: 1. open a joint bank account and leave some money in there. 2. Get a rental contract from our landlord that was notarized (kateb 3adel) and I forced the landlord to put my name on it because in Lebanon it is patriarchal and the women normally is not on these type of documents. 3. Provide them with a copy that he is the beneficiary of my life insurance through my job 4. Provide them with a translation of my family book (ikhraj el qaid 3a2ley) to prove our marriage is registered here Other than that we do not have much besides travel itineraries and an adjustment on my 2019 taxes where I requested an ITIN for my husband and amended to married filing jointly.
  4. Hi everyone, I have some updates. On December 23rd, I submitted an expedite request via phone and on Feb 23rd I had a date change. Since then I have been trying to figure out what is going on with my application. I live abroad with my husband and cannot speak to a Tier 2 representative because of the call back system. Finally, on Monday March 23rd I was able to speak with a Tier 2 officer directly (no wait time... shocking). I originally filed at the Texas Service Center, however my application was transferred to California. My expedite request was denied. None of this information was relayed to me. I did not receive any 797 or email communication, which is really frustrating. I am not sure why they are not obligated to inform us of any changes/even a denial. Anyways, I resubmitted the expedite request this time they contacted me via email. I will keep you all updated on what happens.
  5. I called and mailed in the evidence but did not receive any confirmation that they received my evidence..just silence. Thanks I'll check out Ask Emma
  6. That's great @Shemuzthat you heard back. I sent an expedite request at the TSC in December and it does not show up on myuscis, however it does on egov. I have not had a response and since myself and my foreign spouse live abroad, I cannot call and inquire because I need to speak with a Tier 2 officer and they have a call back system. Please keep me posed on your request! Good luck
  7. Hey.. I am going through the same thing. I filed single on my taxes because my accountant told me that there is no way to file married since my husband does not have a Social Security # or ITIN. He also told me he doubts the IRS will issue an ITIN for my husband because he has never stepped foot in the USA (he also had a previous case denied). So I winded up filing an amendment and requesting an ITIN for my husband, just in case. At least I have proof of trying to file as married. We'll see and good luck!
  8. Anyone know how the Public Charge Rule will affect our applications? My husband and I live abroad, not sure if I should move and get a job in the states before him in order to avoid any issues with perception of a public charge. https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-announces-public-charge-rule-implementation-following-supreme-court-stay-nationwide-injunctions
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