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  1. Hi, we have our interview next week for the CR-1, and one of the required documents to bring to the interview listed on the checklist online is the "proof of family extract," which we were not asked to provide with neither our I-130 application nor our DS-260. From my understanding "family extract" is a document that is readily available to Lebanese citizens to be picked up from a government office, but my wife is a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon (non-citizen) and thus cannot access this paper freely. We think the closest thing is a similar document provided by UNRWA (the Palestinian-focused UN agency) that shows family history, but we're not certain that this document will meet the requirement. What should we do?
  2. Same!! We have our interview on August 6th Good luck!!
  3. Hi, We are applying for the CR-1 visa from Lebanon. When we uploaded all our documents to the CEAC portal page in March, I was a bit concerned about my proof of US domicile since I had been living in Lebanon for the past 3 years while attending school. I did my best to upload evidence but I felt it looked a bit weak (didn't have a job in the US at that point). We got DQ'd right away though (March 9). But I moved back to the US in June to start a new job, and now I have a contract from my new employer as well as pay stubs, which is much stronger evidence than anything else I uploaded before. Is it okay if I upload more evidence to the CEAC portal evevn though we've already been DQ'd and assigned an interview date? (On July 15 we got scheduled for an interview at the embassy for August 6). Thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Same man same.. do we know of anyone who has gotten their interview scheduled at the embassy in Beirut?
  5. Hello, Thank you for the information! It's just really frustrating that we are all left in the dark here. I hope we hear back from them soon though. Best of luck!
  6. Oh thanks. So we're based in Beirut, Lebanon, and we're applying for the CR1 Visa. We submitted our initial application I-130 in November of 2020, it was approved by NVC in February. We completed our DS-261 in March 2021 and it was labeled as documentarily qualified almost right away. Since then, we haven't received anything
  7. Hello, We received our DQ on March 9th, 2021. We expected to receive a notification about our appointment with the embassy by now because we understood that 4 to 6 weeks is the usual time it takes following the DQ (Documentarily Qualified). Since we haven't heard anything, we're thinking of contacting the NVC. Is there anything else we can do? And how long does it usually take to schedule an interview with the embassy?
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