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  1. it means that CR1 visa is one of the visas that they will keep working on them in that period
  2. Hi I emailed the embassy and they said they will be working on the CR1 visa. Thanks God!
  3. I want to know too. My husband has been in AP since October
  4. my husband had his interview in October and they asked the same thing . they replied the next day that they accepted it. but he is still in AP because he's from a banned country. 4 weeks ago they change it from refused to ready and still not issued
  5. I wanted to say issued. I don't know why it went back to ready check with them
  6. Hello guys its been 8 days since my husband's case status changed from refused to ready. when I emailed the embassy yesterday asking them if his visa is issued because I can't check his status, they emailed me back saying this case is still being reviewed as a part of the administrative processing. I don't understand. why would they change it to ready if its still in AP?
  7. Hello guys, CEAC website is down. it doesn't work for me to check the status of the visa. Anyone experienced the same thing?
  8. hello guys, after 66 days being in AP, the status changed to ready. I sent an email to the embassy asking them if they need me to send new waybill because the one they have has expired because the visa status shows its ready. They respond back that my husband's visa is not ready. I don't understand why did they put that its ready. and if its ready, how long till status will change to issued? and what about the expired waybill, will they pay for a new one or they will ask me to do it?
  9. Hello guys my husband's status changed from refused to ready. Does that mean that it will be issued soon? I have another question. What did the packet that you received from the embassy include? Is there an envelope that we should not open? because I heard some people saying that it shows on the passport
  10. Hello, my husband had an interview in October 9, 2020. They CO told him everything is fine but he has to be in AP because he's from a banned country. so she kept his passport and gave him 212f paper. I sent them many emails asking them if they need anything from us, they said no. Yesterday, I told them that it's been 2 months and still nothing. They respond back telling me that they told my husband a proof from the embassy where he renewed his passport. They never asked. I emailed them back with what they want which is a receipt, when do you think they will issue the visa if that's the only thing they want?
  11. same with us. I contacted the embassy and they said its in AP not refused yet
  12. oh my God. months?! I just checked his status and they updated to the same thing which is refused. I wonder if they refused him
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