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  1. OK, so I need to update this. wow, it turns out the new card wasn't an auto-renewal for EAD/AP. It was the 2 year Green card!!! So this big part of our journey has come to an end, and we didn't ever have an AOS interview. Maybe others will be so lucky! Good luck to you!
  2. wow, wow, wow. It was not an auto-renewal. It was the 2yr Green Card!!! to say we are excited and surprised is an understatement. No interview and no new documentation. Just waited a year since the EAD/AP card and it came. wild. Thanks to everyone that helped and supported us and others along the way. Good luck to everyone that is still waiting and hang in there!
  3. We filed for AOS in Feb. 2021, got bio 5 months later. And EAD/AP soon after. Now it's been a year without any change until this week. Just an auto-renewal of the EAD/AP card being sent out. No news on an interview for AOS yet. Over 500 days since filing. If you are in a smaller city, then you may have better luck than we have had though.
  4. Just had a status change that a new card is coming. I think it's just a EAD/AP auto-renewal, so we aren't getting our hopes up yet. It's kind of wild waiting for over 500 days now for an interview. SMH
  5. Finally got in to the Soc. Sec. office. Should have a SSN in the next few weeks. Just in time for Tax season.
  6. We are in Houston and still waiting. almost a year since we filed now. And Combo card has been in had since October as well. Still waiting for a SSN appointment to be scheduled. Can't even get the local office on the phone to schedule. It always just rings for 20 minutes and transfers to national office, who can't do anything. It's pretty ridiculous. We want to make summer plans, but are hesitant to do anything until we know when the interview will be. It would suck to have to cancel all the plans or miss the interview or reschedule. If we can reschedule? IDK Hope we see some movement soon.
  7. There is a checkbox on the EAD form I-765 to get SSN with the EAD. We checked the box. SS office said nothing had been sent to them and no record of a number for her. So here we are. Waiting another month for an appointment, then however long after that for the number. We are not surprised.
  8. We didn't get the SSN card with the EAD combo card, so we called the SS office and my wife isn't in the system. They said she wasn't in their system so she would need to come in person to apply and scheduled an appointment. Next appointment is 1 month out. Oh well, no real surprise here.
  9. Correction, EAD was approved 9/27 and we got the combo card today! No SSN though. I suppose we will call about it on Monday.
  10. My wife's EAD status changed to approved and card shipped! And the AP status change to approved and instructions mailed. Or something to that effect. Her son's AP status is unchanged. I'm guessing his will update soon? We didn't apply for EAD since he is too young to work, so it seemed irrelevant. Hoping her SSN comes with the EAD card as well so i can squeak it in on the income tax filing just under the wire. Needless to say, We are excited.
  11. They called and we discussed the process. But sadly emergency means it'll still take a week or two, which is too long for emergencies. Not to mention it doesn't expedite your current filing, you have to file an all new form and pay another fee. So we decided it wasn't useful so we will just wait. I expect her EOD and AP to come any time now. I have seen average is between 30-60 days after biometrics. 🤞
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