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  1. Yes we tried this and it worked! Yay we can go on vacation with less worry now!
  2. Now we just received the biometrics appointment for my wife's child for 2 weeks from now. They really don't want us to take our family vacation. We will discuss options with them today at my wife's appointment. Hopefully we can work something out.
  3. We got our biometrics appointment last week (about 10 days ago), scheduled for July 15. Even though the letter shows the appointment was made June 18th we only got the letter just now. Luckily we hadn't started our family vacation yet so we could postpone it for a week and attend it without needing to reschedule.
  4. Sent off the child's derivative I-485 AOS forms again today. Along with I-131. We just reprinted them all and sent them. Kept the old forms since they are accepted until April 19th and we just needed to fix the one thing. Hopefully didn't miss anything this time.
  5. Congrats that you got it approved. TX also lists some other things on their website for other things like registration that are not accurate, or the workers are not well versed on how to do their job. IDK, but either way it's annoying. We are just waiting for SSN to get the DL, we don't need it anytime soon so we can wait.
  6. i think yes for the derivative (child K2). I think we put the visa approval number and date for my fiancee as well, but they accepted it. IDK Now that we have my fiancee's 797 receipt we will use that for the child's forms. But the priority date i'll leave empty.
  7. yeah, same here. Didn't give back the photos or the birth certificate and other evidence either. I'm guessing we need to resend it all like they don't still have it.
  8. So on my fiancee's child's I-485, it looks like i put my fiancee's K1 visa receipt number and priority date instead of leaving it blank. Now that we have the 797 receipt i'll use that number instead. But it still doesn't have a priority date. only a received date and a notice date. Do I leave it blank or use one of those dates?
  9. Got receipts for my fiancee on Friday. Now we will recompile my step-child's forms and add those receipts and send it all back. Hopefully they accept it this time.
  10. So apparently only my fiancee's packet was accepted. Her child's packet was sent back to us and rejected because they "could not verify priority date". My understanding was the K2 piggy backs off of the principal, but we could file them together. Basically what they returned to us says we need the copy of the principal's I-797 and send back. So it's like we can't file them together. From looking at the receipt numbers it seems they started on the child's first and of course didn't see the principal yet since that one wasn't started yet. The separate packets were in the same FedEx package together. IDK, seems strange to me. I suppose we need to wait for my fiancee's receipt info and then send back the child's and it should be fine.
  11. We actually got the text message for NOA receipt on Monday afternoon. Maybe they are reading our thread! haha
  12. Gees, ya'll worrying me a little, but also excited. We send K1/K3 AOS in one package, delivered 2/4 to Chicago. Nothing so far. Hoping we hear something this week.
  13. This is great news as well! Should speed things up in theory. And like someone else said, 1 less thing to get RFI.
  14. congrats to those getting your receipt texts. Ours was delivered 2/4, but nothing yet. I only filled out 1 form for each packet to get texts. Didn't realize i needed separate forms for AOS, EOD, and AP to get the text receipts for each. Oh well. Hopefully soon.
  15. Sorry, i should've googled first. but now i can't edit my post. https://www.ssa.gov/ssnvisa/ebe.html "You should receive your SSN card no later than 7 business days after you receive your EAD from USCIS."
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