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  1. I know October was all over the place some were canceled and some wasn’t was trying to get a better idea. I’m DQ sep 5. Wanted to attend the interview trying coordinate with my job
  2. It was out of order from the beginning when they were scheduling the interviews before it got canceled.But what I have seen that they have been going in order to do the rescheduling that was canceled. So the people that were already scheduled don’t look at the DQ date that was already messed up sadly. Sorry ☹️ They better get it together for September though !!!!!
  3. Ayeeeeee I feel your energy through the post !!!’ A big congrats!!! Pray for the best !!! 🎊🥰🎉
  4. Yea same here Dq 9/5. Waiting for these October people to come and get through we are next in line
  5. Who else is left for September? I see a girl not a part of this group on fb waiting for September 29 that was yesterday not sure if she get anything today. Waiting for the October
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