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  1. Took my mother in law a year. Case was DQ Januuary 2022, interview is this month. You have to remember Kingston was still catching up from Covid. Hopefully they are moving along faster and it won’t take as long for you. You will need another police certificate once you get the interview date.
  2. Based on the guides, the 485 should have been filed with I130
  3. Let me rephrase it. So you won’t get the passport until it’s been issued and ready for you to receive it. The visa will be in the passport.
  4. Are you for sure he used you? I guess I’m just wondering if that was the case, why didn’t he get his naturalization after 3 years? Why hang around for 5 years? At any rate, I don’t have any advice but I am so sorry to hear this. My heart is with you🙏🏽 You always had excellent advice for others so I hope you will continue to help others🙏🏽
  5. The visa will be in the passport. So you won’t get the passport until it’s been issued and ready for you to receive it.
  6. This☝🏽. Best evidence when immigrating is going to be primary evidence that showed you spent time in person. Lots of single photos with just the two of you, affidavits, social media, chats, etc., is considered secondary evidence and doesn’t carry much weight. That’s not to say don’t submit any but you will need to submit more primary than secondary. Photos together with family/friends are better. Tax documents aren’t really beneficial unless it’s showing co mingling of income. Continue to gather and submit evidence.
  7. Do you mean approval for the petition or how long it will take for them to get to the states? It will take a long time with all the pandemic backlogs. The processing through NVC may not take long but waiting for the interview will. I’m not sure Jamaica has even picked up full caseloads again. My friend waiting for her husband going on 2 years and everyone started doing expedites further delaying those who were still waiting. There are different categories but the IR5 was backlogged as well.
  8. And so what happened from that situation? What are you hoping will happen now? If you think they will do an investigation you are sadly fooling yourself. You already went to the interview and told them he was not hitting you. You continue to make him look good and yourself look foolish in the eyes of immigration. Someone conveniently recorded the situation this time? It’s like you’re trying to provoke him to get a case. The same way you purposely didn’t submit any evidence for ROC but then went to the interview with him. What are YOU hoping will happen when you continue to help him? If you divorce him he will get his citizenship after 5 yrs instead of 3. But you already know this. You’re just hanging on to him for whatever reason. You can contact USCIS if you are serious and what ever will happen will happen.
  9. angelbrown

    Nikah nama

    I don’t understand your question about the mother in law. She is petitioning for who? How can she petition for you if she isn’t in or have domicile in the US?
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