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  1. He has to show strong ties to JA to get a tourist visa (basically STRONG EVIDENCE that shows he has a reason to return). Immigration doesn’t care about honesty, they care about the black and white facts on paper. So be prepared to show strong ties. More than likely, he won’t even have a chance to explain that at the interview. I don’t think age will be a factor. I’m 15 years older than my husband. If you plan to marry in November and start the process, what process are you referring to? Bc you mentioned explaining why he’s not going the CR1 route. That would be the only option other than a tourist visa. And you wouldn’t apply for CR1 to live part time in US. As JFH stated, green card is for a “permanent RESIDENT” (not part time) of the US. Filing for spouse visa is not the best option to live and work in both countries for reasons stated above. I believe the issue of time spent inside/outside of US will come into play if he ever intends to apply for citizenship. You don't need to pay an attorney to tell you what the previous comments have correctly told you for free. Lastly, do your research for whichever route you intend to take so that you’re well prepared. Good luck!😁
  2. Hope I added to the chart correctly. N400 filed online 8/26. Biometrics is 9/16. Estimated timeframe on USCIS status showing as 6 months. 751 pending.
  3. You have to start your own post. And I’m assuming you haven’t looked at the consulate reviews?
  4. I know that. My husband is submitting his application and we’re trying to determine if he needs to submit 2 photos.
  5. Should the 2 photos be submitted for all applicants? The application says if you are outside the US, submit 2 photos but guidelines say all applicants. Sometimes the instructions aren’t clear, so just asking for clarification. And do you copy and upload those as well?
  6. Congratulations!! How did your husband study for the civics test? My husband is about to apply for his citizenship. We read that there are 100 questions but they ask 10.
  7. Still seems crazy that approval is based on where you submit versus when.
  8. I was wondering the same. Approvals less than a year and some us still waiting?
  9. Sending positive vibes ahead of the interview this week!🇯🇲
  10. Depending on how fast the embassy moves I would think you still have plenty of time left. Did the person pass after he left JA? Just thinking out loud for you to be prepared for whatever questions the embassy asks being that another interview is required. Hopefully they will move fast and you guys are good! As you said fingers crossed.🤞🏽 Irie vibes🙂
  11. Is it possible he can get an interview and return before that date in time for you to get married? Or does it fall on the embassy’s timeframe? I know how long it takes for a funeral to take place in JA. Positive vibes sent. Bless up.
  12. From the way I understood it, if he re-entered within the same 90 day period you would be ok. Otherwise, you may have to refile. Same petition with new DS 160 for a new case #. But sounds like you did get some clarification from the embassy. Positive it will all work out!🙂
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