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  1. Just an update on SSN and Green Card. I crossed May 22. My SSN was in the mail within the first 10 days. I hit the 90days mark with no Green Card, so I made the inquiry online. It said I should get a response back by Sept. 11, although 3 days later my status changed to card being processed, and another 3 days changed to card has shipped. I picked it up in the mail today. Roughly 3.5 months for green card with the inquiry. Hope that helps some curious minds.
  2. The A number will be on the visa stamp when you get the passport back. The FAQ page has a good explanation for it.
  3. I crossed end of May, nothing and no changes yet on my end
  4. Where did you too? And did your status on the USCIS page change? Sounds like I crossed the same POE a little before you... but mine still only says fees received and no card yet
  5. I crossed a land boarder into Buffalo 2.5 weeks ago to activate my visa. No test needed when I entered.
  6. Lucky! I crossed 5/22 in the morning and my status still has not changed. It still says payment received. 🤷‍♀️
  7. You just have to get a letter from the dealer/manufacturing stating that it meets the US safety and emissions standards. For that I needed to show proof of ownership and mileage. I went to the local dealership and told them what I needed it for. They knew exactly what it was and did the rest from there. It was very simple. I wasn’t asked for anything additional at the boarder, but there was one form I had to fill out while there that they stamped stating that it had been imported. I was given two copes. One to keep with the vehicle and one to take into the Department of Transportation to register it in my state.
  8. Hey all, just a quick update CR1 interview was May 12th. Got my passport back May 17th. I crossed at the ambassador bridge May 22nd to activate my visa. I imported my truck and had a small uhaul. Was through in about 1/2h with no issues. Super easy process. Good luck to everyone still waiting for interview letters. The wait is most definitely worth it! Keep pushing through.
  9. I was in the May interview batch, I still waited 253 days.
  10. Hey all, Curious if there are any other Canadians here that are moving (or have moved) to Arizona!? Just looking to make some Canadian connections for any, more state specific, parts of the process moving forward. I will be crossing the ambassador bridge Saturday morning and starting at 5 day road trip!
  11. Hey, I tried to update my timeline since my interview. I wasn’t 100% sure with he paperwork I was handed at the interview, but I was approved at it June 12th. Received my passport back May 17th, if you wanted to update the spreadsheet. I know how helpful it was to see some of those stats going though.
  12. Check your status now. I literally just received my tracking number.
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