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  1. Do you need the PCR test for travelling to the US? I had my covid test taken at the Montral airport YUL just before my flight. They will advise you to be at the airport 3.5hrs before your flight. The result is ready in 20minutes. This test is accepted by US airlines. I paid $149 and you need to book an appointment.
  2. Thank you, I changed my address on I-864 - I uploaded it on ceac. Not on the police certificates.
  3. Hello everyone! I had my interview this morning at Mar 22nd at 10:00am. The security let me in at exactly 10:00am, I was waiting outside 30min earlier just to make sure I'll be on time. The security asked me some COVID-19 related questions then they scanned my stuff and have my phone and smart watch kept in a locker box. I was then directed to go up at the first floor to window 6. A staff took my passport and provided me with a number and told me to have a seat and wait for my number to be called on the monitor. After a few minutes, I was called at another window and asked for original documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, police clearance/s, and a passport photo. I was asked if I have the 2020 tax return, I told her my husband has not filed it yet and she said it's okay. She gave me the pamphlet and told me to go back to my seat. I waited again for a few minutes and was called to a window for the interview. The lady was very nice to me, here are a few questions that I was asked: If I read and understood the pamphlet regarding domestic violence. When did you meet your husband? Where does my husband live? What does he do? Countries I've visited in the last 5 years My longest stay in the states After that, she told me everything looks good and that my visa is approved. She told me they will be able to print it this week and possibly receive it by next week. I was there for about 1.5 hours. I feel so relieved! ☺️ Thank you all so much for posting your experiences in here. This group has really helped me with all my questions and made this lengthy process easier! Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. ☺️
  4. Hello all, just a quick question. I recently moved and changed my mailing address by emailing NVC and they replied to me and said they have updated it. My question is, will this change of address affect my Police Certificate? My police certificate has the old address. Also, do we need to update the I-864 to change my address? Thanks in advance!
  5. Finally!! Received the IL today. 😍 Interview: March 22nd DQ: July 8th
  6. Hello, has anybody here just came back to Canada to prepare for an interview? How did it go at the airport? Is the hotel quarantine implemented yet? I am here in the US and my flight to go back to Canada is not until Feb 13th. I am so worried that we will have to pay CA 2000 for the hotel. Thank you in advance
  7. Yeah I heard, I am scheduled to leave US on Feb 13th to land in Montréal. I'm not sure how will it go for me.
  8. Hello everyone! Congratulations to all who got their ILs this week. I am hoping to get mine next month as I was DQd on July 8th. Does anyone here did their medical exam in Medisys in Montreal? Please let me know how much time should I give for medical for the result to make it to the interview. Is it hard to book for an appointment? Thank you in advance!! 😀
  9. Hello, I'd like to be added to this group. Also waiting for interview schedule in Montreal. DQ on July 8, 2020 😢
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