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  1. Oh. Yes...my card might be coming in tomorrow as seen in ups tracker
  2. Honestly, this mismatch is causing so much trouble and takes long too...I hope it takes less than the 12weeks the said
  3. That was exactly what the lady told us today that there is a mismatch and that's going to take 12weeks to be worked on...I don't understand at all
  4. Same here but am hopefully waiting....the just updated my case on 25th April from Application received to Administrative process
  5. I also have similar issue, have been sitting on AP for almost 60days now...
  6. I didn't attend the interview with my medical results because it wasn'tready at the time of interview, so I was given the 221g paper to drop it off at DHL including my passport which I did that s a same day after interview....since Feb 4, am yet to be issued
  7. Congratulations to you and yours.....I tap into ur blessing and grace
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