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  1. I was DQ'd July 23rd. There were a few people got there interview dates who were DQ'd in June, but I'm not sure how much of that was due to expedite. Some of the late may ones went out a couple weeks ago thst were confirmed not expedited. From what I understand they go out one month with dates for the following month. Hope that helps.
  2. We can but hope. Probably be October we hear about it if we're lucky. When was your DQ? I'm so sorry you're in this boat too. I'm so tired of this.
  3. Expedite refused as of late September 22nd. Not surprised. If we have another full blown lockdown in this country, which seems ever more likely as the days pass, I probably won't have seen my wife in person for upwards of a year. Great.
  4. Hi everyone. Received acknowledgement email from nvc about expedite request yesterday afternoon, pacific time. Will update if or when we hear anything. God dammit I hope this works. 😕
  5. While I'm sorry to hear that's how much stress the process put on you I'm glad you were able to use it to your favour. This process is so draining.
  6. Expedite sent. Wife has actually just started seeing a therapist of her own for this too so we used that. Damn email was more like an essay and we sent like 5 supporting documents, including her proof of accessing mental health services, a statement from the witness about me being attacked, screenshots of conversations between us about it, statements from people close to her about worrying about her mental state. Fingers crossed!
  7. I replied and thank you! I didn't mean to make you feel bad I'm waiting on that exact letter, should be getting it tomorrow. Literally the only thing causing this yo be so bad is being apart and not knowing when it's gonna end because... Y'know, covid. Thank you. I'm trying. 😕 ❤️
  8. Well isn't that fantastic, this exact situation ruining my mental health might work against my ability to get out of this situation. I am completely devoid of hope with this now. I feel like a lost child and I just want to go home. 😕 I appreciate the heads up.
  9. This is the bit I'm concerned about... Most of the hardship is on me, the beneficiary. Obviously my wife is scared and worried for my mental health and my safety (I've got a consultation this week with a mental health specialist because I just can't cope anymore and I was assaulted in my own house by my estranged father a few months ago, who lives nearby and threatened to kill me lol). Obviously that stuff is serious and she's scared, but its all happened to me. She has a good support network, I have almost nobody. Would we just spin this to be her being really scared for my health and safety? I mean it's the truth, but... Ya know. Obviously covid has exacerbates it all as well, not knowing anything about when I'm gonna get to be home with my wife is soul crushing.
  10. Hi everyone, Planning on sending my expedite either tonight or tomorrow. Was wondering what people think of my chances or if anyone has any tips,
  11. I had considered it but I don't have any reasons other than I'm just frickin miserable at having been seperated for as long. How do I go about this?
  12. Hi everyone, Anyone else with post-lockdown DQs hearing from the London embassy? I know it's likely to take them a hot minute to get through the backlog but much like everyone else I'm getting really miserable at the thought of possibly not being able to see my wife all damn year. I tried emailing the embassy about it and I got the generic response saying to look at the website but I can't make heads nor tails of it. I'm just praying every day for some kind of news or progression. I'm scared we're gonna be seperate for Christmas at this rate; I can't think of anything more sad and lonely than spending it here... Any shred of information is a godsend. Thank you all for being such a nice community. I look forward to reading success stories from everyone ❤️
  13. Fantastic! So they are scheduling interviews from the nvc that were DQ'd after lockdown then? I really hope so. Dammit I miss my wife.
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