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  1. SO i am sending emails to state.gov TRYING to get explanation about what they wanted me to mail. They more or less sent email back saying everything . So this morning i put it in the mail . THEN 5 minutes ago i get my interview letter saying to bring the stuff to interview. BUT i don;t care i have interview date for DEC. 11 AND i have copies of everything so will take another full packet with me with all originals with backup copies.


    This has not been easy, They (the government) could make it so much easier. I not even asking for 40 acres, OR a free place to live with free food. I will pay for everything ,OH i guess i already am BUT you know what i mean :)


  2. got an email from embassy bangkok with my case number.
  3. Thanks for the info. The lady that took the file said about 3 months, BUT my brain was pretty well mush by that time so didn't ask any follow up questions. I assumed she was talking about the whole process. BUT by your time line i guess not So how you doing now?
  4. Excuse me for jumping in BUT I am DCF in Bangkok. Just submitted my 130 ,130a all the supporting documents,1040 ,pictures . So i am trying to stay ahead I downloaded the DS260 and 384. I have them filled out and ready to go . I am getting to question So do i fill out the DS260 online ? If i do will i receive a message the same as OP. Seems non governmental to ignore there instructions? Thanks in advance JRV never mind these form numbers DS230 is what i was thinking sorry you may delete this so i don't look as ignorant as i am.
  5. Today 09/13/2019 finished packet for DCF petition in Bangkok. I went online and scheduled appointment for 09/17/2019 at 8:30 am. One was available for 09/16/2019 also .But we would rather drive to Bangkok on Monday spend the night and go that morning fresh. I have never work on anything in school like i did on this. If i had i probably would not have failed English I will be back Wednesday 09/18/2019.
  6. Thanks for info . I am getting ready to file DCF in Bangkok and it is difficult finding info on DCF . I have email from ISCIS saying it appeared as i was eligible to DCF at Bangok. thanks JRV
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