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  1. Actually yeah you are right, he is using his USC status and she is using him, to me it's obvious because I know him, moved form asian dating sites to Colombian, part of why our marriage failed was because he was texting Asian girls on an Asian dating site at night. So forgive me for not believing this is real. Do you think it looks real? will the USCIS? maybe the bar should be higher then.
  2. Oh come on you guys! I was in a relationship with my husband for many years before we got married and marriage and covid killed our relationship. He knows this girl from the internet for 2 months, she is 20 years younger than him, already calls her gf and saying he is getting married so he can bring her here because she has no job and will never get a visitor visa , to me it's obvious that she is using him and that he is stupid and blind. I don't care about his relationship I just don't want his idiotic decisions hurting me. Why I still communicate with him? that's a good question, he keeps texting me for some reason. The thing I am worried about is the fact that he wants to lie and say that he knows her for a long time (while we were married) so they can say this is a long relationship.
  3. So my relationship with my husband didn't work and we got a divorce, I received my GC about a year and a a half ago, it's been a few months since the divorce was finalized and now he has a new girlfriend that lives in Colombia, they met online. He want's to marry her and bring her here, the girl is obviously trying to use him to get a green card but he can't see it, she has no internet or running water in her house, she lives in some poor rural area, has no job, and basically no life there. He is saying he will be telling that he met her while we were still married and that I used him to get a GC, this is obviously not true, but he want's to throw me under the bus to get what he wants. Can this hurt me? I have a 10 year GC. What happens if they suspect that their marriage is fake, will this come haunting me?
  4. I am not planing on getting the vaccine and don't want them to force me to do it, right now they say that only vaccinated people will be able to fly
  5. I need to go back to my country for about a month, my country is Israel and is currently acting like a prison for it's own citizens, very difficult to get out of the country due to covid. I am afraid that if I go there I might be stuck there for a long time. I want to get a reentry permit, does anyone tried to apply for one and got a biometrics appointment? how long does this take now?
  6. What case? I have a 10 year green card, this is why I asked if I need a reentry permit
  7. For my spouse yes but unfortunately we are probably getting a divorce but I still want to keep my GC (I caught my husband having an online relationship with an asian girl , this is also one of the reasons I left)
  8. I came to the US 4 months ago and received my GC, left last week returned to my home country for 3 months, then I will go back to the US but I might have to return to my county again a few months later for 2-3 months again, I will be traveling back and forth quite a lot since my dad is alone in my home country. will I need a reentry permit even tho I won't be staying out of the US for more than one year?
  9. I entered on feb 15, SSN card came 10 days later and yesterdays I received my GC
  10. I finally received my GC today! Here is the timeline: December 2: Paid Fee February 15: POE (Newark , delayed entry for 2 years to pass) February 24: SSN came in the mail April 2: Card is being produced April 10: Card is being produced (again?) April 14: Card was mailed to me April 15: Card was picked up by USPS (tracking number was provided) April 16: Card arrived! This nightmare is finally over! For anyone who is thinking about changing the address before the card arrives, I changed my address on April 3rd, hoping this would make the card arrive at our new apartment, but I was okay with the card arriving at my husbands parents house, but since they live pretty far away I took a chance and changed the address knowing this might not work. I chatted the next day with a representative via Ask Emma and verified the address because I saw it was changed on my profile but the apartment number was missing, the representative said that he can see the apartment number and everything is okay. I had a bad feeling and submitted the AR-11 form again. the next day the apartment number disappeared from my profile again. so I verified again with a representative and they again said everything was okay. Fast forward to today, I got a text message from USPS saying that the envelope was delivered, I went downstairs and the doorman said he can't find the envelope, it was also not in the mailbox. 10 minutes later he called me and said he found the envelope and it had a wrong apartment number on it, it was my husbands parents apartment number (the old address) and not ours. So if you want to change the address and you are living in an apartment, you should know that there's a glitch that they don't change the apartment number (if you see the apt number vanish from your profile this means they messed up and make sure to contact USCIS to verify) but they do change the address very fast, almost immediately, I guess it's done automatically nowadays.
  11. So I have an update, on April 10 the status changed again to card is being produced, I don't know why they "Produced" it twice, Today I finally got an update that the card was mailed to me. now I am waiting. No tracking number yet.
  12. Mine is still stuck but they keep changing the date on my.uscis.gov, I wonder what this means....so annoying
  13. Lucky you, mine went into production on April 2nd and still not mailed
  14. Anyone received their GC lately? my status is stuck on Card being produced for week now
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