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  1. So my Case status has changed to ‘Card is being produced’ after 147 days. Likely timeframe until card in hand? TIA
  2. Yeah we’ve called them and have a Service request in, all my stuff was electronic so no packet with me. When we called the assistant said she could see no reason why it is taking so long as all was in order. So a mystery to me!
  3. Visa Fee paid 08/12/21 POE Newark 11/21/21 SSN Received 11/25/21 GC 139 Days and still waiting.
  4. Because unfortunately just having a ‘stamp in my passport’ IN MY EXPERIENCE thus far has led to a temporary drivers licence being issued which is not for federal use…..trying to be e-verified for my job will not accept said drivers licence as ID for this reason nor accept my ‘stamp in passport’. It seems nobody understands the ‘stamp in passport’ So yes having the physical card will be a lot easier to get things done. This is why I’m curious how long the card will take to be issued aside from the fact it’s over the given processing times and then some. Thank you for your post.
  5. Hi all So arrived in the US in November last year on an IR1 visa, and received my SSN by mail within 10 days of arrival. As of now I have still yet to receive my Green card, we paid our immigrant visa fee last August before entering. It has now passed the 90 days after arriving and on contacting USCIS was advised to wait until 120 days has passed, this also passed a couple of weeks ago and still no Green card. Anybody any ideas on just how long things are taking right now?
  6. Our family of 3 went through T2 departure testing with express test (rapid test ) on 21st November prior to flying next day they let us in to test earlier than booked no problem and the 3 of us were in and out within 20 mins………3 results and fit to fly certificate came through on email within 45 minutes total. Couldn’t be easier!
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