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  1. Should I bring anything else besides the appointment letter, passport and marriage certificate?
  2. Hello, I received my biometric appointment letter today. It'll take place on August 11th. I'll try an early walk-in tomorrow since I won't be in the city next week. I've heard about people that succeeded doing early walk-in 2-3 weeks before the original date.
  3. Am I gonna receive this letter on my mail or through my USCIS account? I called USCIS and they said my appointment will take place on August 11th but I haven't received the letter yet.
  4. Hello, Sorry for "invading" the March fillers forum. I'm a May filler and just received my biometric appointment letter. I followed the instructions, created the USCIS account but still couldn't see the day that my biometric appointment was scheduled. Am I gonna receive further informations about the day?
  5. Hi, 

    I was wondering if you could upload a picture of your biometric appointment letter. I received mine but it doesn't state the day that I suppose to go.



  6. Hello, Today I received this mail from USCIS. I followed the instructions but it turned out that I couldn't see the day that was scheduled my biometric appointment. Am I gonna receive another mail with the biometrics schedule letter?
  7. Hey, I called USCIS to see when my biometrics appointment was schedule cause I've got a trip for the next two weeks. It turned out that my appointment will take place on August 11th at Brooklyn Office. I will return from my trip two days earlier in order to go to the appointment. I'm exited! Hopefully we expect to receive the EAD/AP combo card before my birthday in October \O/
  8. Thanks! I was really hoping we'd get the EAD/AP combo accepted without going through an interview due to the pandemic (also my biometrics were taken at my K1 interview + POE). Most likely the interview will be taken place by the end of August though. After interview how long does it take to get the combo card shipped to us?
  9. Hello, Today I received an email saying it was scheduled a biometrics appointment for my employment authorisation card. Will the biometrics be used for my travel document as well? I sent the form I-131 almost three months ago and I haven't received the same email for this application yet.
  10. Hello y'all, Today I received a mail from USCIS stating they received my third-try form I-765 \O/ Curious thing: the receipt number starts with IOE which can't be track on USCIS Case Status website. Have you guys ever seen this before?
  11. It actually works. I received an email and SMS yesterday informing about my case status upgrade.
  12. Thank you for your encouraging words. I resent the form today, hopefully I will receive the NOA soon.
  13. I sent the correct version (12/26/2019 on the bottom line) but even though it got rejected. It was an USCIS mistake.
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