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  1. Hello all I am principal applicant My case is f3 got WL and added my two kids now its updated and status on CEAS is pay now but agent said that nvc will send him a letter then he will able to pay affidavit and applications fees. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Plz inform me if someone know about that Thanks
  2. Thank God i got my WL yesterday 

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      It my WhatsApp  so plz add me

      Or send me ur number


    4. Zeeshan ch
  3. Had someone received wellcome letter f3 jun2008 ?
  4. Anybody received wellcome letter f3 June 2008?
  5. What was the durations between wL to IL plz?

  6. Hello respected members Priority date f3 29JuN 2008 January VB has issued and i found my date in second chart if someone know about this plz explian to me Thanks
  7. Hi to all My father is my petitioner US citizen age 75. Me f3 category PD 29 JUN 2008. Still never get NOA1 Will public charge law effect my case? Thanks
  8. Hi my PD 29jun2008 f3 and my status since 2016 in nvc is this pic and in visa bulletin F3 is December 2007 in first chart plz can someone explain how it works thanks
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