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  1. Hi, have you done biometrics? I expedited and got approval July 7th but still won’t receive the card until biometrics are taken even though a lot of the USCIS agents say I should receive the card within 60 days... which is wrong. Also, if you filed both i765and i131 I believe you should get them together. When I expedited i765 both forms got approved and got separate approval notices. Did you get an approval notice for just one of them?
  2. Thanks for sharing. Do you know if this also applies to people with approved EAD but still waiting on biometrics?
  3. Hi, you can call them and request an expedite processing but they will most likely need your biometrics first. You can also contact your congressman for help. I see you are in Costa Mesa, CA like me and I worked with Harley Rouda’s office (there is even a federal agency help form on his website) and they helped me get it approved but still waiting on biometrics for the card to be produced. I hope this helps! https://rouda.house.gov/services/help-federal-agency
  4. Hi, I have an appointment letter for 8/17 but checking on the website I get “No appointment found for that name and date of birth.” I Don’t have pin and confirmation code.
  5. Hi, I also tried contacting our congressman for help with the biometrics as they got my case expedited and approved but they just got back to me today with the below: (our Santa Ana office opened last Monday 7/20)
  6. Have any of you that got expedite request approved without biometrics and got approval notices received biometrics letters? I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting their appointment letters today that haven’t expedited so I’m feeling a little sad and discouraged.
  7. Congrats! I used the EAD approval notice to show legal presence for the DL and real ID and they said it’s sufficient as it shows expiration date. They made me fax it over as I applied about 2 months ago and they were waiting for me to verify legal presence before issuing the card. I hope this helps.
  8. I already have. They helped me with getting my case expedited and approved but couldn't get anywhere trying to request expedite biometrics or card without it. This is what they got back from USCIS.
  9. I got an amazing job offer in the beginning of June and my employer told me they are willing to wait for a month or two until I get my EAD. My EAD case got approved without biometrics but I need them for card production. Yesterday, as my local ASC opened and found out there is no way they will do my biometrics anytime soon, so I needed to let them know that if they need to they can offer the job to someone else. My husband also lost his job due to the pandemic and it is really painful letting an opportunity like that go because you are left in the dark how long the wait would be and nothing to do about it.
  10. Hi, I just saw the below post about biometrics in March AOS filers and it is really discouraging
  11. Did you try contacting your congressman? I had my first expedite request that I made on the phone with USCIS denied within a day due to missing biometrics (they didn't even ask for supporting documents) but then contacted my congressman and it got approved a little later. They told me card will not be produced until biometrics are taken though but it still feels a little closer knowing the case is approved. Hope this helps!
  12. I actually saw this yesterday too and they have available slots for two days after opening my local office so I was even debating if i should make an appointment and just type 0 on the IRCC field 😂 This could at least give an opportunity to go inside but scared not to get in trouble at the same time!
  13. Hey, yes on Aos form i944 they ask for your assets and if you selected to include money in the bank as assets they ask for 12 months of bank statements. I hope this helps!
  14. Hi all, I am an April filer, and still haven't completed biometrics but wanted to give an update. I got a job offer last month, and I tried to expedite on the phone under the severe financial loss category, but it got denied the next day saying that I cannot expedite due to missing biometrics. Thankfully my company extended my offer until the end of July, so I contacted our congressman to help me (they asked me to send supporting documents etc) and yesterday my case changed to Expedite Request Approved. I was wondering if someone has had similar situation and what should I expect next?
  15. Congrats!!😍 this gives us so much hope things are happening!!
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