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  1. I think, it depends on officer. To be honest, officer gave me only 1 sentence and i wrote it not correct 🤣 something like President lives in the White House.... supposed to be THE President lives in the White House 🤣 officer said ITS FINE 🤣
  2. Dont be nervous. Interview was incredibly easy. Max 10 min, and then about 20 min of easy talk about life. The only things that i was not expected to be asked its birth certificate of my stepson. Plus, my officer asked to see all taxes for the last 3 years + mortgages for 2 houses.
  3. Had my interview today at 8am. Passed. Approved. On a list for an Oath Ceremony. State Minnesota.
  4. Officer asked me about: Taxes for last 3 years Health ins, any ins for both names Plus, we have 2 houses on both names Birth certificate of my husband and my stepson Marriage certificate Questions about application was easy. Something like: what is your spouse name? Is your husband Napoleon? Interview was maximum 10 min. Other time, he was just preparing to the next applicant and we just talked about random things.
  5. Even i upload all docs online, he asked to see all of them. Questions was super easy, i even dont remember them)
  6. Passed civic test. But "Decision cannot be made now"( Officer said he needs to review some docs.
  7. Do they ask for marriage certificate? I think i lost mine.
  8. Also, I dont know if it was consequence or no, but I received email about interview right after I requested to change my home address. I wonder if it boosted it up somehow.
  9. Thanks. I dont think that quick.. i heard in Illinois processing time 1-3 months)))
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