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  1. I´m planning to move to the US eitherway to Louisiana or to Texas in the beginning of next year. My question is now when I should get the SSN. We want to get married a week or two after I arrived there and I don´t know if I should apply for the SSN before or after marrige then. Is there a possibility that I have to wait to get one after I got my Green Card when I apply for one after the wedding or will I just get the SSN then? Thank you!
  2. It´s just so much more expensive or I have to fly for 30 hours with 3 stops.. but I´ll look at more again. But no I was already twice in the US and try to fly there in October again if it works with the visa application.
  3. I don´t wanna book the flight already I just wanted to see how much they are that I can at least plan a little how much money I need for what. I don´t wanna use the return ticket home but it´s just so much cheaper to book a flight that´s a round trip.. so I think I´ll just look after that
  4. But when I never check in for my flight they will know that I wasn´t flying or?
  5. Hey, my US Fiancé and me just started the K1 Visa and I was already looking for flight tickets, that I know how much they will be when it´s time to move there. The One-Way-Tickets from Germany to the US are about 2,200 € and a normal return ticket would be under 1,000 €. Now I´m wondering if I can buy a return ticket and just use the ticket there or if that would be a probelm? What ticket did you book when you were travelling there?
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