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  1. Hello! yes, please make your husband take all the original documents with him to the interview. That includes everything you uploaded to CEAC along with wedding pictures. I think you need to email the embassy first and ask for permission to bring along your spouse. If you think it will help your case then join him. He can take his phone with him but he would have to leave it in the car or with someone. Read the consulate reviews. Ill paste a link here. It would clear out alot of questions. https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Pakistan
  2. Just received the interview appointment email today. Interview is on 16th January dq’ed on 26th November.
  3. Did you try calling NVC? It helps. We got dq’ed on November 26th, and received an email today saying our interview will be on 16th January inshaa Allah. I hope you get one today aswell.
  4. Thanks alot Andy & Val!!! You guys have been of a huge help. Please remember us in your prayers. Thank you. Its Islamabad, Pakistan. We were dq’ed on November 26th.
  5. Just received the Interview appointment email. It’s on the 16th of January
  6. There wasn’t a very concrete reason. Like no life and death situation or an emergency like that. Our reception is next month and we have already booked the venue, plus air tickets and everything has already been arranged if I didn’t get my visa before that it would result in a financial loss. and then added a few details about how this distance has started affecting our relationship. but i don't think our expedite request was granted, because NVC itself processed our case like a normal one. we didn’t get any update on the expedite request though, apart from the one saying its being reviewed. i would suggest call them as much as you can!
  7. Thank you andy & Val!! I knew you guys would be thrilled to hear this news too. Hoping to get done with this process and bring a good news sooon!!!! thanks again for guiding me about the paperwork!!!!!
  8. Thank you! We basically requested for an unconditional expedite.
  9. Just fyi, we filed for an expedite last week. The last update we received on the expedite request was an email saying its under review on Friday. no update after that, but we got the dq email today instead. also made lots of calls to nvc. on the last call my husband was informed that our dq must be near and today it was here 😃! not really sure if all of this helped or they just dq’ed us in the normal processing time, just sharing!
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