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  1. after interview it can take a month or half but not that too long like you are mentioning except some rare cases thanks
  2. i guess you are exaggerating the administrative process here but thanks for the reply
  3. can you switch this into sub form pakitsan thanks or even tell me how i can do it thanks
  4. is there anyone here who got the process expedite from isl embassy
  5. should i hav to worry about it but i am very sure i never skipped any of questions during filling ds 260 but after some days before when i reviewed two of the questions from security area was skipped
  6. What you men i cant afford an error at consulate olead eexplain it I remebered i answered all question then why 2 questions related to securty section is not showing neither yes or no i want to know if assume i skipped that 2 questions then how the form submitted Please guide me in this regard thanks
  7. or its just a mistake from the system because i remember that i answered all the questions and when i was reviewing my ds 260 not yes nor no was opted in 2 questions related to security information 1 section
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