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  1. Oh okay can you apply for a new social security card with the actual greencard in hand?
  2. Hello my brother inlaw came to the US a week ago on a CR1 visa the address he provided for the greencard mailing address on DS-260 is old so he already called uscis to update the greencard mailing address but on the DS-260 he also marked”yes” to receive social security card also so how will he update the social security card address? If its updated with uscis does it also update for social security card? Or will he need to go to the social security card office to update the mailing address for social security card? Thank you
  3. Thank you for your response and on travel.state.gov i uploaded a pic
  4. Hello my brother inlaw will be traveling to Washington Dulles airport from Pakistan he was not given any X-rays from his doctor and ive read that people need to carry x-rays for port of entry his visa is CR1 and it sais”IV docs in ccd” so he was not given a sealed envelope to carry but i am not sure about x-rays to carry to port of entry cause he was not given any x-ray reports someone please advise Thank you
  5. Hello my brother inlaw had his interview at Islamabad Pakistan embassy on October, 30th 2019 and he was approved for Cr1 visa and his ceac status was changed to issued the next day on the 31st then on the 2nd of November his status on UStraveldoc website is "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery"for 2 days but still no email or text for passport pickup the pickup location is Hyderabad Speedex courier is it possible that the passport has arrived at pickup location but they haven’t contacted yet to come pickup?has anyone been thru this?Thank you
  6. Thanks alot and if you dont mind can you tell me what questions were asked during interview
  7. Hello my brother inlaw has an interview next week at Islamabad Pakistan embassy he’s thinking about taking his documents in a zipper binder file will he be able to take that inside the embassy? Or will he have to take the documents out of it and will have to throw the binder away? Is anyone familiar with this situation at Islamabad embassy thank you
  8. Hello my brother inlaw has a interview scheduled for next month at Islamabad US embassy 1 of the things we have to do is register for courier service how do you register whats the link to the website?thank you
  9. Hello i filled out my brother inlaws DS-260 and i didn’t know he has a Facebook cause he never uses it he talks to my sister thru Whatsapp so for that reason I didn’t put his Facebook on his DS-260 and ive already submitted it he has the interview next month for Oct, 30th at Islamabad embassy what should i do? Should i sign and get a noterized statement explaining that so he can bring it up at the interview and get it fixed please help
  10. Hello I received the interview appointment email today for Oct,30th, 2019 at Islamabad embassy i know i need the interview letter for medical exam and for when i go for my interview so its a email am I supposed to screenshot it from my phone and print it that way? Has anyone done this? Thank you
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