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  1. My husband came dec 16 2019. He never got his ssc in mail, we had to go to SSA office and get a replacement of a card he never received. It is now April 6th 2020 and still no green card. Now with all this covid stuff I’m really confused.
  2. I would be freaking out too! Stay strong and pray! May the Lord guide you in your journey
  3. Hi my husband came on with the I-551 on December 16th 2019! He still has not received his plastic green card in the mail. If he doesn’t get it by April 15th we will begin harassing USCIS. He was able to work as soon as he got his SSN card. He got hired at a company who does e-verify which required him to call DHS so they could verify his work eligibility.
  4. The ban is for everyone who does not have a green card
  5. Trump will not be president forever guys! Let’s keep praying for the Lord to take control of this election
  6. Has anyone checked the case status on the CEAC website?
  7. Girl I hear ya! My husband waited 16 months! It’s hard I completely understand. I spoke to our immigration lawyer about AP and he said that sometimes writing your state senator will help if your case has been in AP outside normal processing time.
  8. I think you should just wait for him to get here! Or you should travel to France! If you ask for his passport back while he is in AP you will add soooo much drama to your petition!
  9. has anyone ever immigrated with a pet? My husband is coming on monday with our dog! we have all docs required by USDA and the CBP but as coming into the POE for the first time we are a little anxious. Has anyone done this?
  10. Hi My husband had his interview last week at the Nicaraguan embassy and they did not ask anything about health insurance. I have health insurance through my employer so I just provided the policy which states I can add my spouse as long as I can prove he was in a foreign country the last 6 months, which of course was applicable in both my case and your case. do you have health insurance through your employer?
  11. I’m sorry for the denial. I spoke to my lawyer about this and he said sometimes people from countries with a large Muslim population get flagged because their names are similar to the names of known terrorists. Once you get flagged you could be in AP for a significant amount of time!
  12. That’s great! I have a couple of questions when was her interview? After the interview how many days later did she receive her physical visa? Any trouble at the airport when she arrived in US?
  13. Well you are immigrating from Copenhagen so hopefully the process is a less lengthy than other high volume embassies! Blessings!
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