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  1. Congrats! I got my green card a week after I arrived. Totally didn't expect that.
  2. Hi I just had an interview a few days ago. Yes NVC is the only one who schedules interviews with the embassy for immigrant visas. They have your uploads from CEAC, and they're the ones in charge of passing this to the embassy. I called NVC before my interview was scheduled because it had been so long and I knew the embassy was opened. What NVC said was, they only transfer the case after the embassy tells them they have available openings. You do get an email about your interview with details on the date & time. In my case once NVC transferred the case to MNG, CEAC status went from "at NVC" to "at MNG" (at this point all questions should be forwarded to embassy I was told by NVC) In your interview email they give instructions in case you need to reschedule, but make an effort to take the first interview. I have heard from many people that they have been waiting forever, even someone with an expedited case as of 2 weeks ago still hadn't received an interview. And when I was at the embassy I heard people complaining about having to wait 11 months for a tourist visa appointment, imagine if immigrant interviews get that bad 😕 They ARE opened for immigrant and nonimmigrant visas alike. As far as I saw on my day, only CR1/IR1 were there for interviews in the immigrant side. I was talking to them and we were all spouses of US citizens. I believe IR2 are allowed for interviews under the exemption of the Trump proclamation. I was DQ on July 23 but embassy remained closed until October 3rd. I was contacted about my interview on Nov 13th. my visa was approved Dec 28th and my passport was given to me on Jan 5th. I was also not given a "sealed envelope" apparently they're going paperless now, but they make it clear on your visa you should have an annotations with a code that means you're case is going to be digitally transferred to CBP. Attached are screenshots of my interview email hope this helps
  3. Hi 


    Hope you're doing well. I wanted to ask you if you've heard anything about new scheduled interviews. The embassy started with IR1/CR1 & 2 & K1 visas on October 3rd apparently. Do you know of anyone that has had an interview scheduled? 

    1. little immigrant

      little immigrant

      No idea yet. Sorry I just saw this.

  4. Not sure what you mean by registered. With my home country it was registered a few days after my birth. If you meant submitted to NVC on CEAC, it was April 29th 2020 and it got accepted May 22nd.
  5. How frustrating! I will attach pics of the document we sent. This was approved the first time. I didn't personally scan it FYI. it is 1 single PDF document with the Translation first and birth certificate second. He didn't scan the "back" of the certificate and it's a 2-page document. 725 KB size and the pics I set you is the resolution it has. In my opinion is not even that clear LOL. It sounds like you are doing everything right. I strongly advise you to call NVC. We got a RFE for our proof of domicile, and we were not able to read the message ever, our attorney called NVC, and they told him exactly what was needed, we submitted it, and we got DQ today, only 15 days after resubmitting a document. Hope it helps!
  6. Hi everyone, We are still waiting on our DQ email, but we got a message saying my husband(petitioner) was not domiciled in the US. I was super upset with my lawyer because I sent him that information months prior. When he submitted the domicile documents, he submitted my husband's temporary Residency card from my home country Nicaragua (where we both live together until I get approved) We are more than capable of proving he will return to the US with me. We have a lease, US bank accounts, Us credit cards, taxes for the last 3 years with US address, and he already works for a US company - remotely for now. He visits the US at least once a year for a month. Does anyone know if this is a problem as far as proving domicile? I haven't been able to get a straight answer from my lawyer and this worries me.
  7. I'm waiting for my case to be DQ but all my documents were already accepted, hopefully I can help you a bit. As far as I know the birth certificate has to be issued by the Central Registry in Managua (Registro central de las personas). This is really important and it's on the Managua US Embassy list of document requirements with the corresponding instructions on how and where to get each document. A lot of people get birth certificates from their local Alcaldia (mayor's office) and this is not the correct Issuing Authority. Another important aspect of the birth certificates is the literal version, which you ONLY need if you've made corrections to your birth certificate in the past. I know about this because I corrected my mother's name a few years back. Therefore, I needed both the short(regular) version & the literal version, and you can get both at the Central Registry in Managua. As for the translation, we were also unsure about it, but we were advised by an immigration lawyer to add the translation. Honestly, I went completely overkill with every possible document. I got translations for everything, I even apostilled my civil documents(UNNECESSARY but I needed to feel safe LOL). Since I haven't had my interview I'm not sure about this one, but I also got my Police report from both my local town police and the Central Police(where INTERPOL is) in Managua because I moved from my hometown to a different department and I read on a thread here that someone under the same circumstances as me was put under AP after the interview until he provided the report from the central police. Bear in mind I'm just speculating on this one. Hope this helps.
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